Ravonna is systematic, meticulous, and efficient, having worked her way up through the TVA into a position of authority and then overseeing the various agents and departments under her. When Mobius wants to work with Loki rather than terminate him as a Variant, Ravonna points out that his track record is bad, and he cannot be trusted. She doesn’t believe in giving people second chances when their entire history shows them to be disreputable and untrustworthy, unlike her idealistic friend. She keeps trophies from significant victories and trips into different timelines in her office as keepsakes, including some that belong to Mobius. She has maintained the standards of the TVA for a long time, trusting them to work and overseeing all the departments. When she has to “prune” someone off the timeline, she will do it, even when it goes against her feelings—when Mobius becomes defiant and a problem, she even prunes him, for what she sees as the necessary greater good. Ravonna is concerned with maintaining the status quo within the TVA and suppressing rebellion, because it’s part of her job description. She also actively works against new ideas – accepting them, believing people can change, or being okay with seeing things from another perspective; she doesn’t want to believe she’s been working for the villains all this time, or to listen to Mobius’ ideas about everyone being Variants, and rather than stick around and see everything she knows flipped on its head (even though she is curious about the Time Keepers), she packs up all the detailed information she has accumulated on her bosses and disappears through a gateway into places unknown. She hasn’t, as far as anyone knows, ever questioned anything or assumed that the Time Keepers aren’t real, simply accepting them on face value and obeying them.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Ravonna believes in what they are doing enough that she accepts the laws and rules under which she abides without question. She’s fearful of the Time Keepers and doesn’t want disappoint them, so she holds her subordinates to a high personal standard to maintain her good record. She doesn’t want to ask questions or risk getting into trouble, even when she starts to wonder what they are all doing here. When Mobius tells her they’re all Variants, rather than use that as an excuse to question and challenge the authorities, she submits to them and keeps to what she knows, pruning him and getting rid of anyone else who questions the Time Keeper’s authority. She doesn’t always enjoy the decisions she has to make to keep them all safe, and the timeline from fracturing, but she does it anyway, out of loyalty. She’s distrustful of new information and anyone who disrupts the normal flow of time maintenance.