Francesca makes decisions very differently from Robert, because she factors everyone else and their needs into her decisions. She prefers stability and to know details about people; she asks her lover all kinds of questions about where he’s been and the things he’s seen, and even asks him to transport her somewhere else, somewhere she hasn’t been, after they make love for the first time, in an effort to escape her dull life. She married as a mail-order bride and hasn’t been happy, but also doesn’t believe in uprooting her life, or disturbing her family, to “run around” the country and the world, even if it’s for love. She says it’s hard to get out of the rut she’s in, and she would rather stay where she is than cause her family to face public humiliation and scrutiny if she were to just leave her husband and gallivant with a new man. Though very interested in Robert’s work, she becomes more anxious about this relationship not going anywhere, and how she should look back on it, as a four-day fling, an affair rather than a change of her heart. She’s forthcoming with her feelings and eager to connect to him, easily brings him into her home and heart and makes him feel welcome, flirts with him, and gives her heart to him. She talks about how it’s going to  tear her apart to let him leave her, and even considers running after him, but she also believes there’s obligations you make when you get married and raise kids. She can’t let them face the scandal of her adultery, and waits to tell her children about the affair until after she’s dead, so she doesn’t have to deal with their condemnation. She wants them to know her “true self,” and admits that she’s only ever felt the most “like herself” with Robert, because for once, she’s being served instead of serving someone else. She doesn’t feel like her husband deserves being abandoned, and lets that make her decision for her, even though it goes against what she wants for herself. The longer the affair lasts, even though she’s gotten in deep, the more she questions her decisions and tries to make sense of them analytically. She tries to be detached and make a decision from her head rather than her heart. Francesca admits that this dull life isn’t what she expected when she first came here full of dreams, but is too scared to chase after them with Robert. She can’t imagine her life a different way, so she doesn’t take the risk of changing it. She hates change! Francesca admits that each time her thoughts turn to her lover, once her family has returned, to her relief, there is some new menial sensory task to attend to, that will take her mind off him.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Francesca isn’t in love with her husband, and isn’t treated well by her kids, but she continues to take care of and provide for them, cooking and keeping house for them out of a sense of obligation, because she feels like it’s something she should do, that she signed up for when she became a wife and a mother. She’s desperate for love, enough that she falls in love with Robert in two days, but also can’t run away with him, because she think about her husband and children’s needs more than her own desires. She both wants to be with him, and doesn’t want to do anything wrong or bad. She tries to erase her romantic attachment or downplay it, while at the same time drowning in it, because her 1 wing won’t let her walk away from a committed “good man” and her marriage. She doesn’t like to think of herself as misbehaving, but also can’t say no to love when it presents itself. So she denies herself the thing she most wants, out of a desire to be above her “carnal” desires.