Robert is a tender, loving, and generous man, but also doesn’t want to be forced to conform to outside concepts of morality. He thinks anyone who allows their behavior to be dictated by social beliefs is conforming, and urges Francesca to follow her heart, rather than make a decision to live for her family alone. He thinks if they love each other, they should be together. He’s aghast at the idea that she thinks he has a girl everywhere he goes, because that’s not the impression he intended to give her. Robert asks her to come away with him, but also doesn’t pressure her in any way to change her decision; he lets her make it. He doesn’t want to apologize for his feelings, or be made to feel like he has done anything wrong by loving her. Robert has never stayed long in one place, and has gone through life as a traveling photographer and nomad. He encourages Francesca to think about leaving the farm and seeing the world, going on safaris. He repeats stories about the strange things he’s done and seen to entertain her, and worries about not taking the perfect photograph if he lets the “light change” too much. He thinks sometimes you’re where you’re supposed to be, at the right time and place, and doesn’t guide his life in any way; he just goes places, meets people, and lets things happen to him. Robert is quick to fall in love and act on his feelings, and believes how they feel about each other “right now” is all that matters – they shouldn’t have to apologize for it, and should indulge in it as long as it lasts. He can be somewhat rude under stress, and admits that he had a temper, and it didn’t help him with his broken marriage. When he’s upset, he just storms out of the house, gets in his truck, and doesn’t come back. He doesn’t like all Francesca’s questions about his intentions and his life, because it makes him feel pressured to answer, and not keep any secrets for himself. Though a traveler, he’s managed to maintain a steady income as a photographer.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Robert has never settled down anywhere and has resisted commitments, preferring instead to travel around, meet people, and brighten their lives with his entertaining anecdotes and adventure-seeking, rather than be serious or grounded. He doesn’t like to think ill of himself, or be accused of being a playboy; he tells Francesca that he doesn’t want to feel like he’s done something wrong, or been a bad person. Rather than agree with her about her husband being a good man, he dismisses it and insists that she should act on what she feels, and not let this good thing get away from them because she’s too afraid to make a change in her life. Though outgoing and romantic-minded, Robert is also somewhat cautious. Initially, he tells Francesca that he worries about her reputation and that she shouldn’t come out with him if it’s going to cause her to be ostracized from her neighbors. He doesn’t want her to take that risk until he’s fallen in love with her.