Ellie is forever trying to analytically make sense of everything (she says she can’t use emojis when she texts, because “I don’t know what they even mean!”) rather than just feeling it. She also has no problem writing essays for her classmates for $20 a pop, since it keeps her in money and helps them earn a passing grade for class; her teacher is culpable in this, and fine with it. Ellie sees another business opportunity when Paul wants her to write a letter for him to the girl he likes; at first, Ellie says no, letters need to be authentic and from the heart… but when she finds out the power is going off unless she pays up, she charges him $50 and… from then on, gets in too deep. You see, she also likes the girl Paul likes, and this is her chance to interact with her, have deep philosophical questions, and… well, lie to her, at length. Ellie has all kinds of interesting thoughts to share, and metaphors as she tries to train Paul up to being a better conversationalist; she philosophizes that life is irrational and meaningless, and people spend too much of their time looking for their other half. She says people don’t see what they’re looking for, the obvious unseen. She likens conversation to ping pong, and is good at adapting when Paul makes a total hash of things on his date (she starts texting the girl at the table with him, and makes her think he’s doing it). When Aster asks her why she stays up so late every night, Ellie confesses that the world is asleep, which gives her more room for thoughts. She also says “gravity is matter’s response to loneliness,” and realizes it was her thought, nobody else’s. Ellie is hard-working, detailed at school (even if she wrote 6 different takes on the same material, per paid requests), has no problem with a schedule, and is somewhat inert. She assumes her life won’t ever change and has no major ambitions once she finishes school. She ties a lot of what she talks about to her own previous experiences, though she’s reluctant to talk about them. Her inferior Fe leaks out as she shows concern for other people, tries to reassure Paul that he’s not a total loser, and sometimes spews her feelings under stress. She draws attention to herself at church, when she has to share her feelings and expose herself to Aster, without really thinking about how Aster might feel about it. She’s good at consoling Paul when he screws things up, and saying flattering things to people, but somewhat devalues her own feelings and won’t stand up for herself much (Paul has to chase after a car that’s harassing her and throw rocks at it, because she just ignores them making racist remarks).

Enneagram: 5w6 sp/sx

Ellie has no friends and sees no reason to get any; she’s an isolationist at school, who doesn’t associate with people much other than to charge her classmates money to write their papers for them. She doesn’t like the idea of standing up in front of others in a talent show and performing “all alone” on stage, because she prefers to be hidden most of the time. She doesn’t go out of her way to connect to people and is reluctant to talk about her personal life, until Paul convinces her that she needs to “carry your half of the conversation” (she says she doesn’t need educated on talking to people). Ellie’s 6 wing is all about being responsible, taking care of her dad, being loyal, and hard-working; she’s something of a homebody, but also has a good sense of humor and the ability to connect easily to Aster when they’re around each other, even if she’s super withdrawn and uncomfortable with intimacy.