Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Abigail knows a great deal about history, almost as much as Benjamin, which allows her to supply facts and details that he overlooks in leaping to his intuitive conclusions and building connections. She believes him at first to be a thief, then gets sucked into his treasure hunt, and wants to be a part of his discoveries for her own intellectual interest. She got hired as a museum curator because she is so well-informed and logically objective. At first, she’s so rational, she thinks Ben’s warnings sound crazy so she dismisses them. Then later, she helps them check what is printed on the back of the Declaration, making sure she doesn’t harm the important document in the process, and then manages to keep it safe throughout their madcap adventures. Abigail goes for the most direct method every time, including calling up the bad guy and offering him a deal if he can get Ben out of custody. She can also be moody, as she shows in the second film during their separation period, in which she proves quarrelsome, frustrated with his attempts to manipulate her, resistant to his persuasion, and… then changes her mind and decides to give their relationship another chance. She willingly trades information with him in exchange for the promise of him leaving two expensive antique chairs in their house. Abigail isn’t into believing anything without proof, but she does open herself up to more possibilities and theorizes with Ben when the situation calls for it.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Abigail is shocked and horrified at all the immoral things they do on their treasure hunt, including stealing the Declaration of Independence (and wanting to vandalize it a little by reading the back of it) and kidnapping the president. She goes along with them just to keep them honest and make sure nothing bad happens to the Declaration as a result. She also isn’t keen on making a scene in Buckingham Palace or stealing private property, but she goes along with it to help Ben. Though there’s some tension between them, she has his back even when she’s mad about him and going through a separation. She can be judgy and preachy at times, but then turn around and use her 2 wing to win over Riley, make friends with Ben, and find ways to be useful to them.