Function Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

Riley doesn’t just write a book about finding the treasure, it’s a massive opus devoted to conspiracy theories in general that includes beliefs about the president’s secret notebook, Area 51, and other well-known theories, including the Kennedy Assassination. He presents various theories in this book and is disappointed that his friends haven’t read it, since a lot of it would be useful to them in the events of the second film. Riley is more than willing to go along with Ben, believing in his clues, supplying his own guesses about everything, and acting as his wingman when necessary. He hacks into advanced computer systems and messes around with them to protect his friend, he breaks into key code systems, and he hires a boy to count letters for him so they can figure out a line of code in the Capital building without being physically present. He shows a lot of tert-Fe behaviors in constantly expressing his emotions and fears, desperately seeking attention and praise from other people, being disappointed and hurt by them not reading his book, and feeling upset when girls are more interested in Ben Gates’ discoveries than his own. He perks right up when a pretty girl flatters him, and isn’t above flattering people himself to get his way. Riley has no real interest in history and not much capacity to remember details in depth, so he lets Ben and Abigail do most of the data-supplying and focuses on being funny and good-natured instead.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Riley is way more cautious than either of his friends, always concerned with their potential survival, with having enough money, food, and water, and is a little alarmed at the idea of doing risky things that could land them in jail, such as breaking into the White House, stealing the Declaration of Independence, or kidnapping the President. But Riley is also group-oriented enough, and loyal enough to Ben, that he goes along with it and becomes a coconspirator in their various forms of insanity. He is very into conspiracy theories and thinking ill of the government, and excited to have a chance to glance at the president’s secret book, which he is sure will validate all his conspiracies.