Maria is a witty and wily woman who sees a chance to get even with the stuffy, snobby, upper-crust butler who annoys her with his prudish fussiness by humiliating him and leaps at the chance. She sees how she could make a fool out of him, by forging her mistress’ signature on letters professing undying love and affection and wishes for him to act in certain ways, and does it, because it strikes her as hilarious – and pulls it off exactly as she planned. She’s an untrustworthy woman who takes advantage of her mistress’ good nature and the butler’s naïve foolishness to provide her with some amusement, and to entertain her friends. It never occurs to her that her actions might be hurtful, because they cause herself and those around her amusement. She goes out of her way to come up with creative and absurd scenarios and demands for him, including wearing yellow stockings and grinning stupidly all the time. Maria focuses on knowing how to manipulate him, based on what she knows of his character, to expose his weaknesses. She’s able to talk herself in and out of trouble, makes a lot of snide remarks throughout the narrative, and eventually even obtains her own happy ending, because her cunning so impresses a man of higher birth that he proposes to her and sweeps her off her feet.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sx

Maria shows the typical resentment of an unhealthy 7 toward a 1 – she doesn’t like the butler because his behavior is too proper and frigid. She likes to have fun, tell bawdy jokes, get drunk, and mess around with her friends. She sees her behavior as reasonable rather than destructive, because it makes everyone around her laugh (and also amuses herself), but a lot of her antics are unapologetic, mean-spirited, and intended to humiliate someone and cause them emotional harm. She makes excuses for herself, and doesn’t hold back in going after her revenge.