“I don’t know if I can make things better for you, but I can certainly make them worse.”

Dyatlov is feared by both his subordinates and some of his bosses, and for a good reason; he embodies all the worst stereotypes of an ENTJ; he is domineering, foul-tempered, combative, ambitious to a fault, and completely without empathy for his colleagues. He has been “stuck” in a position as deputy chief engineer at the power plant for far too long when he knows he “deserves” better, and when an opportunity to climb the ranks manifests, Dyatlov zeroes in on it, which means subjecting an unstable nuclear reactor to an array of dangerous tests to prove to his superiors that he can get things done on time and stay within the budget. He does not hesitate to use intimidation, threats or outright violence to assert his dominance over other people. He remains unconcerned and displays a continuously callous attitude even when his own crewmen start to manifest symptoms of severe radiation sickness right before his eyes. His use of Ni, which has helped him form a goal for himself as the new chief engineer at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, also allows his ego to keep denying a problem that is plain for everyone to see; “You did not see graphite, because it’s not there!”

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Dyatlov is unafraid of punishment and will not admit to a lesser offense (gross incompetence) even when being convicted in court means he risks the death penalty. He openly mocks Scherbina’s investigating team on several occasions, and when asked to give his side of the story by Ulana Khomyuk, he simply says “I’ll be waiting for that bullet.” Dyatlov is intimidating even when he is very sick, and his stare across the courtroom is almost enough to frighten Legasov out of presenting his testimony. His 7 wing manifests as delusional optimism and minimization of the profound effects of his faulty judgment.

Note: Dyatlov displays many anti-social traits and behaviors, such as complete lack of empathy, a poorly regulated temper, and open and pervasive contempt of authority. He will not take any responsibility for his part in the accident, which is substantial. His fearlessness suggests a psychopathic personality over a narcissistic one, although overt narcissism appears to power most of his decisions. 

Guest typed by Henrika.