Function Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

“It’s all there. Every decision, every button push, every turn of a switch.”

Ulana quickly establishes herself as a woman of action. By her own admission, she “works too hard”, because Ulana is a realist and she knows that as a woman in a man’s world, she has to work ten times as hard to be taken seriously. She is diligent, meticulous, and extremely conscientious; however, as a perceiving dominant, she prefers to gather and compile information before leaping into decisive action. When the radiation alarm goes off at her office building in Minsk, she hurries to gather a fistful of particles and puts them through a mass spectrometer so that she can find out exactly what type of radioactive element they are dealing with, and when the meter tests positive for uranium 235, Ulana deduces that it’s nuclear reactor fuel, ergo, there must be a reactor leak somewhere in the immediate vicinity. Ulana prefers to use tried methods that are proven to work (Te) and first tries to act within the existing framework of rules to combat the problem she has discovered. She heads to the party headquarters in Minsk to “reason” with the smug party man in charge by simply outlining the problem and explaining why it is a problem, but she quickly gives up her attempts to reason with him and simply walks away without any fuss when he rejects her expert opinion. Unlike the scatterbrained Legasov, Ulana is meticulous about keeping records straight and chronicling information that might be useful at a later time. Ulana’s strong sensing preference allows her to quickly absorb and understand mechanics, and she has a better eye for practical engineering and three-dimensional map-building than Legasov. Ulana’s inferior Ne manifests in an occasional inability to “get out of the loop” and integrate fresh and unusual perspectives into her calculations. She spends endless hours going over the data from the explosion without making any headway. (“The numbers all say the same thing: that it’s impossible.”) She can sometimes be idealistic and naïve, and does not realize that Legasov knows more about the cause of the explosion than he’s letting on and is hiding things from her. Her preference for sensing also shows in her method of information-gathering; unlike an intuitive, she does not do well with second-hand information, so she conducts repeated interviews with the men who were there during the night of the explosion – the factual circumstances straight from the horse’s mouth.

Enneagram 1w9 sp/so

Ulana holds herself and her associates to an almost impossibly high standard both professionally and morally. The idea of giving up does not exist in her mind, and she continues to champion their cause when both Scherbina and Legasov (both fear-driven head types) express doubts about moving forward with the investigation.  She states the truth in that the testimony has to come from Valery Legasov because of the sway he holds in the scientific community; if she testifies, no one will listen. Ulana does not usually mince her words, and her general air is one of dryness. Her 9 wing sometimes manifests as passive-aggressive behavior and statements (monosyllabic answer to innocent questions and negative insinuations about other people’s intellect). Whilst not outright conflict-averse, she will not press Dyatlov for information when he tells her to f*ck off.