Function Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

Jack is a journalist who operates more off hunches than he does concrete evidence, much to the annoyance of his editor, who tells him if he cannot find collaborative evidence to back up his most recent claim, they will need to run a retraction. He tends to space out and not remember what he’s supposed to do, which means after he reluctantly agrees to take care of his daughter for his ex wife on her honeymoon, he doesn’t bother to follow any of her instructions or phone her neighbor to inform her that there’s no need to pick her up and take her to school that day—leading Melanie and her son to also miss the bus for the field trip. Jack is logical but not very considerate, and more interested in showing up Melanie at first than he is in being genuine with her; although he comes to appreciate her strong sensory-creativity in how she comes up with super hero outfits for the kids based only in the contents of their backpacks and her purse. He also loudly talks over her, asserts himself, and makes sure to show her up on his phone – he has a reputation for being a ladies’ man around town, and every woman in the office has a thing for him, because he charms them and smiles at them and makes them feel good about themselves. But he has no follow through, is poor with details, and cannot keep track of his kid.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Jack makes everything “fun,” and those around him who are more serious accuse him of having a Peter Pan Complex, where he never matured. It’s true, he is busy chasing his kid around the apartment and not listening to his wife’s boring instructions, when stuck outside a restaurant with the kids, he gets them to blow raspberries on the window and make faces, and acts like Buster Keaton. He doesn’t take anything all that seriously, doesn’t feel all that sorry for not being more considerate or reliable, and turns everything in a “win.” His 6 wing, however, is just responsible enough to look after the kids, is okay with making compromises for the greater good, and frets about his source not standing up for his story.