Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Melanie is a highly responsible and industrious businesswoman, which is why her repeated encounters with Jack Taylor drive her nuts. She can attend to every detail, and makes sure to tell him about all her son’s food allergies, the things he is and is not allowed to do, etc. She blames him for making them late, because she wasted precious time standing outside his ex-wife’s door and waiting to take her daughter to school, because Jack forgot to call and tell her he had the kid. She is competent at work, but feels torn between her family life and her professional life—she doesn’t know, at first, whether to go to drinks with her clients or make sure she gets to her son’s soccer game on time (she decides the latter, because “it’s important that he knows he’s the most important thing in my life!”). Melanie is highly creative in that she is able to look in her purse and see what could be made into something else—she makes a pair of “super hero” costumes for both kids by using everyday items and seeing their potential to be something else (Si/Ne). She does her part, and expects others to do it also; when her son causes her to trip and ruin a model for her new clients, she hastily has it repaired. Seeing as how both she and Jack are busy professionals and stuck with their kids for the day, she offers him a trade—if he’ll take the kids this morning while she has her meetings, she will watch them in the afternoon while he attends his press conference. Melanie prides herself on her strong work ethic, but also speaks her mind. She has no problem creating conflict in telling off Jack, or making her dislike of him known, but throughout the day, her feelings toward him change, especially when she winds up losing his kid and feeling just terrible about it. She warms up enough to ask him over and even sort-of form a crush on him, though they are polar opposites. Her Ne is rather poor; she listens to the kids’ talking about them and assumes they are correct in that Jack has feelings for her, and that allows her to consider having feelings for him in return.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Melanie denies being a “control freak” but it’s true: she likes to be diligent, efficient, on time, and do things the RIGHT way. She manages to keep her temper even when there is total chaos around her, but at the same time, she hates not having things go according to plan. She gets off on the wrong foot with Jack because she sees him as irresponsible and not taking anything seriously; that he would be so inconsiderate not to call her like his ex-wife asked him to makes her angry. She later berates him for his behavior in the cab and tells him “how dare he” try to make her feel small. She loosens up eventually, but only after she has done something “wrong” – by losing his kid! This causes her to have a meltdown and feel enormous guilt. Her 2 wing is assertive and helpful, but also yearns for love and acceptance.