Morgan is the first person among the family to start suspecting something strange is happening with the family dog, and then the wider community in general. He speculates about the crop circles, he speculates about the dog’s behavior (and remains somewhat detached, even though he’s upset, when he has to kill the dog to save his sister from an attack). He theorizes correctly it could be aliens, and goes to get a book from the local store all about them, assuming it will educate him and protect him from what’s about to happen, by arming him with knowledge. He absorbs all of this information and takes it seriously, even when his sensor father and uncle scoff at it. He instantly realizes he could use Bo’s baby monitors as a walkie talkie, and instead of assuming what he’s hearing over them is just noise, he uses it as proof that there’s more than on alien, and they are communicating with each other. He knows they’re talking in code and talking to each other. Unlike his father, he looks for patterns and believes in them, many of them proving to be later true. He remains convinced of what seems rational to him (aliens) and spreads information to his family members by exposing them to his ideas – which include reading his book, and wearing tinfoil hats. Morgan doesn’t want to leave their home, even though it might be expedient to go to the lake, because “this is where we lived with mom.” He wants to feel her close to them, if they’re all going to die. Though not one for much conversation, this analytical and quiet boy does confess how he feels under moments of stress, such as when he gets upset at his father for upsetting his family members, and tells him “I hate you.” He also tells Merrill that he wishes Merrill was his father instead of Graham, because he would “keep us all safe.”

Enneagram: 5w6 so/sp

Morgan has a fantastical explanation; he doesn’t care that his conclusion about aliens before anyone else is even considering it is whacky or imaginative, he takes it seriously and operates off that assumption and the rest of the world follows along behind him. He is fearful, apprehensive about the unknown and scared that his father won’t be able to protect them, but feels more confident arming himself with a good book about aliens, since it makes him feel like he can be competent enough to tackle whatever is coming their way. His first idea is to hunker down, make the house safe, and wear tin foil hats to protect them from mind control. His 6 wing is warm to his sister, cautious, and curious, allowing him to connect to the rest of his family, but also be scared out of his mind about the unknown. He clings to them for support in a hard time, and even forgives his father a few seconds after saying he hates him, because he feels bad about it.