Notting Hill: Anna Scott [ISFP 6w5]

Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Anna is very secretive, private, and withdrawn, but adamant about being true to herself; when she stumbles into Will’s travel bookshop, she insists on buying the book she felt attracted to, rather than the one he recommended to her. When he spills orange juice all over her, she accepts his invitation to his flat, but then answers all his questions with one word – “No.” She likes him, so she impulsively kisses him, and then walks out. Later, when he takes her to his sister’s birthday party, she just awkwardly smiles at their weird behavior and questions and answers them honestly with the facts (she makes millions as an actress). She asks him if he always abides by the rules, before she climbs over a gate into a private garden and coaxes him to sit on a bench with her, then invites him back to her place for the night, only to turn him out when her boyfriend unexpectedly shows up. Anna makes all her decisions based on how she feels, is quite circumspect (“That’s really none of my business anymore, but in my experience, rumors about him tend to be true!”), and knows that she is impulsive. She tends to act immediately on her feelings (inviting herself along, canceling her schedule to be with Will, going to him when her scandal breaks, sleeping with him, then storming out the next morning). She shows slight flits of intuition, in how she accurately assesses the fact that Spike sold her out to the tabloids. Anna falls into inferior Te bluntness whenever she is upset—she devalues Will’s attempts to get her to “calm down,” reminding him that this is HER life, and she has to live with all the repercussions of them being caught together (every story in the future about me will reference back to this one!), and dismissing him out of hand in the assumption that she cannot trust him. She’s also willing to give up her career for love.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Anna is quite particular about who she associates with, and does not want authority figures to be upset with her; even though she invited over Will to get to know him, she goes along with his silly scheme about being from Horse & Hound, so that her manager won’t get cross with her. She turns him out of her motel room because her boyfriend shows up and she wants to avoid a conflict. She can be somewhat rebellious and provocative, but also self-effacing and humble. She tells them being an actress isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, that she’s been dieting for over a decade and has had painful work done on her face. When she tries to make up to Will, she begs him to see her as just “a girl, standing in front of a boy,” begging to be loved. She trusts him, then distrusts him, waffling and being unsure of herself, going back and forth on whether she wants Will in her life, and finally deciding that she does. Under stress, she becomes hysterical and accusatory, lumping him in with his flat mate and assuming they are both responsible for her problems with the press. Her 5 wing is very private, somewhat socially awkward, and distant.