Alabama pretty much lives in the moment. She needed a job and some extra cash, so she became a call girl; after four days of that, she fell in love with Clarence, one of her “Johns,” and immediately confessed to him the entire thing, that she’d been hired to seduce him for a night, but she loves him and wants to be monogamous. So then they get married. She spends all her time in his apartment eating food and watching TV, happily gives up her entire life to follow him wherever he goes, and doesn’t believe in living in the past. She urges him to forget about her pimp and move beyond it, not to go there in case something bad happens to him, then goes with him to LA (stopping along the way to make love in a telephone booth next to a bus route; who cares if anyone sees them?), and from there, elsewhere, happily just following along, never staying too long anywhere, always adapting and going along to get along, led by her feelings. She has no real plan for her life, and no interest in deep conversations.

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/sp

Alabama pretty much just wants to be attractive and make Clarence happy. She falls in love instantly and commits to him, insisting they be monogamous and giving up her profession as a call girl (she wasn’t super into it anyway). She adapts herself to be whatever interests him the most, is flirtatious, seductive, and charming, but also desperately wants him to think well of her. She is up front in confessing that she lied to him, but rushes to assure him of her genuine feelings, and then is happily content just to be with him. She shows some anxiety on occasion about the risks involved in his actions, but goes along with them to keep him happy, and adapts to become whatever the situation needs, going so far as to pretend to be into him at first (until it becomes real).