Clarence really doesn’t think far ahead in his life; he meets and falls for a call girl, assuming she’s super into him (even though he’s curious about WHY she would be), gets married to her in ten seconds flat, then decides on a whim to kill her pimp and get away with it. After some contemplation, he figures he can do it, and nobody will know or care, because who cares about low-life scum? He taunts the man, then winds up killing him and making off with a suitcase full of drugs. With nary a thought about how this could impact his father, he elicits his assistance in finding out if they are “wanted” anyplace, then cuts and runs for LA to stay with a friend, leaving his dad to get murdered as a byproduct of his crime. Once in LA, he assumes it’s easy-peasy to sell hard drugs to entertainers, and is surprised to find out it isn’t, but cons his friend into trying to sell them for him on the down-low. This ends up getting him into a firefight, in which he barely escapes with his life, allowing him and his girlfriend to waltz away into a better life to raise their kid, named Elvis after his iconic hero. Clarence is detached and unemotional, but also assumes he can sweet talk his way into anything. He’s quite good at getting people to like him, and in convincing them to do things for him. But he has zero foresight, a total inability to think about the consequences of his actions beyond avoiding jail, and no real aim for his life other than to take advantage of opportunities.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sx

He thinks everything is a joke, and loves to make them; he also thinks he can take whatever he wants, without repercussions as long as he’s “smart” about it, and for the most part, he’s right. He gets away with an awful lot, even if he barely makes it by the skin of his teeth. Clarence is good-natured, light-hearted, and loves fun things like comic books. He waxes poetic about Elvis and how much he admires him, and even conjures up his own personal Elvis in his head to consult with when making decisions. Though curious why a hot chick would dig him alone in a theater, he gives into it, has a one night stand with her, and marries her the next day, then his 8 wing kicks in, because he can’t stand the thought of her having been “owned” by a pimp who beat up one of her friends. He decides to “get even” by “making him pay,” and winds up causing a whole lot of trouble for himself and everyone else, because of his impulsiveness.