Groot is entirely emotionally disconnected from what is happening around him; he makes decisions based on what he feels is right or what would be beneficial them, regardless of how others feel about it. This includes sacrificing himself to protect his friends, by creating a tree ball around them and being smashed in the process. Groot knows it is necessary to save his friends and does so without question. He is very kind and sensitive (showing dismay at the lizards eating one another), but rarely shows his emotions and is only loyal to his friends. As a child, Groot is totally lost in his own head and having a good time, oblivious to anything others tell him. He ignores them telling him to get out of the way and to be more careful. Groot as a teenage is a moody and withdrawn “sprout” who lives in squalor and only plays video games, while using bad language to express himself. Rocket thinks he’s an idiot, because he can’t learn anything and instead focuses just on bringing back whatever is shiny and draws his attention. Groot is famous for how he takes everything literally, and wants to do it immediately. He gets lost in dancing to the music while his friends destroy a monster, and pays no attention to them, while still managing to escape being hurt. If something needs done, Groot will do it … whether that means growing new limbs, blossoming, using his special skills to create light or protection for his friends, or stealing something. Groot isn’t afraid of high-risk or intense situations and can sometimes leap into doing something before, as Rocket says, “thinking about it.” Groot steals something in the prison, rather than waiting for them to come up with a full plan. He tries to listen to Rocket’s explanation for what to do with the explosive, then gets bored and runs off with it into the tunnels. Since Groot doesn’t say much, we don’t see much of his inner world, but he has a strong bond with nature and Rocket. His solutions are obvious, since they are based on factual things; discussion ended. Groot always takes the objective, literal approach to everything, which means he sometimes forces everyone to kick up their game a notch because he was too busy problem-solving (“we need the core…”) to actually finish listening to Rocket’s long-winded explanation. He feels, he acts. He sees a need, he fills it. It’s as simple as that.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Groot has a duel nature. One part of him is a precious, sweet, darling tree who would do anything to save his friends, who has an even temper, and remains relatively nonplussed by problems… and then there’s his 8 wing. Under stressful situations, Groot gets mad. He uses profane language, according to Rocket, he tells people off, and he attacks people whom he believes are insulting him. Being shoved around by crew members makes Groot try to hurt them in return. If anyone bumps into him, calls him a bad name, etc., he reacts out of aggression, leading others to find him “adorable” but also “vicious.” He zones out a lot of the time, ignoring what other people are saying in favor of whatever interests him at the time, and is somewhat sad not to bring back to Rocket whatever he’s asking for. At one point, however, he brings them a severed toe, assuming that’s what they want. And no, there isn’t a secret cache of body parts on the ship.