Rocket is an opportunist of the highest order, who lets no chance to make a buck pass him by, even if he doesn’t technically need to steal batteries while on the job. This short-sighted endeavor causes an entire fleet to chase them halfway across the galaxy and make multiple attempts to kill them all, and all just to make a few million on the open market. Rocket is keen to get hands-on with things, often throwing himself into battle, punching people in the face ,vaulting through the air to knock them out, electrocuting them all in the woods, setting up elaborate traps, and using whatever is available to him, from weapons to improvising. He recklessly makes 47 space jumps in a row, something that could get everyone on board killed, in the belief that it… just… won’t. He originally likes to have a plan, but can also throw it out the window and “move up the plan to… now.” Rocket is all business, all the time, and also terribly blunt. He tells people to get over the people they’ve lost, because everyone has lost people. He is blunt, straightforward, dismissive of others’ views if they are “stupid,” and just wants paid! Rocket is extremely easily offended if he thinks he’s being dismissed, and easily becomes emotional on an external level, which he hates. Other people can upset him and cause him to have an emotional reaction, often of rage or resentment. But he also does things just for the hell of it, to provoke a reaction out of other people, taunting them, arguing how much smarter he is, fighting Quill for the right to pilot a ship (and getting them blasted in half in the process), and mocking one man’s choice of “villain names” just because he can (and it amuses him to make him a laughingstock among his men). Rocket finds stupidity annoying, and often gets frustrated with Groot for being simple-minded, but also doesn’t want to admit how much he cares about the little guy. Or the rest of his friends. Rocket likes to have a plan in mind at times, but at other times, shows severely short-sighted judgment, and evaluates things too much on a surface level. (What are the implications of stealing from the people who hired us? Who cares?)

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Rocket hates the idea of being vulnerable; he uses aggression and tough talk to keep people at a distance and protect himself. Quill asks him at one point if he really wants to drive everyone away, because if so, he’s doing an excellent job of it. Rather than be intimidated when he faces an execution, Rocket mocks his captors and belittles his choice of villain names. Whenever anyone attacks him, he gives it back to them twice as hard, sometimes enjoying torturing them a little bit in the process, because they’re asking for it. He asserts himself through violence, will attack people he doesn’t like, and has a no-nonsense attitude when dealing with everyone. He doesn’t like to admit when he’s been saved, or owes someone his life. He fearlessly charges headfirst into situations, and assesses people on a brutal level (Groot is an idiot, and it’ll be a miracle if he doesn’t blow them all up). His 7 wing likes to dodge personal responsibility; he won’t admit when he’s been wrong, and will insist or argue that he’s above reproach, because he doesn’t like to look at himself in a negative light. It’s brutal when he finally realizes he covers up his insecurities with a tough guy routine.