Drax is hard to type, because he’s a stereotypical “dumb jock” who can also be irrational but also has poor emotional skills. Thus, you have to look at him on the whole as a man for whom emotions are foreign. When attacking a massive creature in the second film, Drax decides the creature’s outer skin is too thick, so he needs to dive into the creature’s mouth and hack it apart from the inside out. (He doesn’t stop to think that the creature’s skin is the same thickness whether you’re standing outside it or in its digestive track, something that causes Gamora and Quill to roll their eyes.) Drax has an unusual way of framing things, such as when he tells Quill that he’s stupid to think Gamora might be interested in him, because she doesn’t “dance” like he does (see the world in the same way), and he needs “to find someone pathetic, like you” instead. When another character says metaphors go right over his head, Drax argues that his reflexes are so good, he would catch them. Drax insists on being true to whatever his opinions are, whether that’s to announce his intention to kill someone for the death of his family members, or to tell Mantis she’s “hideous, pathetic, and too skinny.” When he thinks she’s woken him up for a sexual encounter in the middle of the night, he goes overboard in telling her that he hoped she would take the hint that he is NOT interested, because he finds her repugnant (complete with making gagging sounds). Drax reads everything on a surface level and is incredibly blunt in all of his statements. He also has a visceral need for violence, such as when he suggests ripping some dude’s spine out of his body. He doesn’t hesitate to rush into battle, throw himself off a ship, start a brawl, drink the tavern dry, or attack Ronan without hesitation, sometimes in a reckless form but mostly successfully. He even manages to save Mantis’ life by holding her over his head while he sinks into the planet that’s trying to consume them both. When we first meet him, he has one objective in mind, to find and kill the man who caused the death of his wife and child. He doesn’t give the future much thought outside his relentless pursuit of his enemies. Though terribly insensitive and oblivious to the offensive nature of his blunt remarks, Drax freely talks about his wife and daughters’ death and what he desires to do in vengeance (though with limited emotional affectivity). He enjoys laughing outrageously at other people’s misfortunes and humiliations and embarrassing them further by pointing out how humiliating that must be for them (“she just exposed your deepest, darkest secret!!”). He doesn’t believe in leaving his friends behind, and becomes upset when he thinks Quill might be on the exploding planet beneath them. He also admits that these various people are his “friends,” using crass terminology to describe them.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Nobody messes with Drax, because he would… well, rip their spine out for trying. He’s untouchable and scares the hell out of everyone in the first film, because they don’t know what he intends to do, other than get revenge for the death of his family. He reacts purely on instinct all the time, rushing in to stop things from happening (or cause them to happen) and is afraid of no one and nothing. He’s confrontational, aggressive, self-assured, and convinced nothing is more powerful than he is, that he can do everything, conquer everything, and succeed at everything. He refuses to be emotional or sensitive, and shies away from vulnerability, choosing instead to turn everything into a massive joke. When Mantis touches Drax to experience his feelings, she starts laughing and admits she has never felt “such overwhelming joy.” It’s true, everything is a hilarious joke to Drax, no matter how much it embarrasses other people. He laughs about everything from blowing up his enemies to Quill being humiliated by having his feelings for Gamora exposed in public (and then he rubs it in Quill’s face a little bit).