Mantis is an empathy who can touch people and read their emotions, then interpret them through herself, or push her emotions onto other people, allowing them to remain calm rather than get upset, and even putting her master to sleep (the purpose for which he keeps her on his planet). She is very sympathetic and compassionate toward others, but also unaware of how when she shares their feelings, she’s exposing their deeper secrets or causing them embarrassment. She just simply states whatever she feels directly, whether it’s to remark on their sexual desire for each other or to laugh uproariously when touching Drax. She is insightful in interpreting these feelings, sensing that Quill and Gamora have feelings for each other that they aren’t addressing, and thinking Gamora is attacking her out of fear, rather than simple aggression. She is naïve because she’s never been around other people, taking jokes at a surface level and laughing at them, sometimes at her own expense, and trusting that whatever Drax tells her about herself is true (that she’s hideous and undesirable, but this is fine, because it means people will love her for herself, and not her pretty face). Mantis becomes fearful of history repeating itself, enough that she wants to warn Drax and his friends not to trust Ego, but she only does so under tremendous pressure. She can be blunt when questioned, and simply states the facts of what she knows about Ego and his diabolical intentions.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Mantis came to Ego’s planet to help him sleep, because she has such a natural, peaceful aura about her presence. She is unbothered by most things other people say, even if she’s concerned for their wellbeing, and soaks up the emotions of everyone around her indiscriminately. Being liked and welcomed makes her ease up and share more of herself, but the slightest hint of disapproval or condemnation makes her shrink, tuck her head to her chin, and shrug, as if she’s waiting for someone to hit her. Gamora can easily intimidate her. She doesn’t want to do anything bad by allowing Quill to get hurt by his father, and feels relief to admit to what’s about to happen to them, allowing them to escape and defeat her master. She has made what isn’t okay (her enslavement and mistreatment) okay in her mind, allowing her to remain content in her imprisonment.