Claire was a typical ‘mom’ homemaker until she packs her daughter off to college, and then she doesn’t quite know what to do with herself. She has redecorated and gutted their home and refurnished it according to her own tastes, and grows prize roses… but left with a lot of time to think, her attention turns to the house next door, especially when she finds her new neighbor crying and seemingly afraid of her husband. Curious about this incident, Claire starts watching the house… and sees her neighbor disappear, which causes her to wonder what happened to her. She appears to see what looks like the husband dragging a body out to the car and dumping it in the trunk. Soon thereafter, Claire starts thinking her house is haunted. She believes it’s her dead neighbor, even when her husband argues that she has lost her mind. She pieces together the truth (which catches her off guard, when she realizes she was following the wrong hunch the entire time) based on small clues in her environment, and a patchwork semblance of recovered memories of before her car accident a year ago. Her intuition does not guide her well, and she only discovers the truth when it’s almost too late to save her own life—because the person responsible for a girl’s murder turns on her, after she naively believes them to be innocent. She has a warm personality, and often sacrifices her own desires and needs to be what her husband needs—Claire will attend social events for him, though she does not enjoy them. She is quick to help their neighbor, and her husband even says that she cares too much about people, and is too willing to do things on their behalf. Even though she has no ‘facts’ to support her hypothesis about the ghost, Claire believes what she sees with her own eyes, and uses her own reasoning to dig up information and even accuse people whom she believes are responsible. She puts faith in Ouija boards out of a belief she can contact the dead, without realizing that she is opening herself up to possession by the spirit.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Claire has a warm and personable nature, but also a suspicious one—her husband dismisses her paranoid thoughts about the next door neighbor as nonsense, but she insists that he might be dangerous, and keeps an eye on him, often spying on him through her binoculars. She becomes anxious when left alone in the house, especially after creepy stuff happens, and races to her husband’s work for his protection. She becomes convinced the house is haunted, and is easily spooked. Claire is cautious but also loyal; though she leaves her husband after she discovers his affair, she returns to his home to talk to him about it and ask him questions about what happened that night. She’s proactive in protecting herself, and doesn’t take unnecessary risks. But she also runs away from her problems—the night she wrapped her car around a tree, she had found out about his affair and raced off drunk in her car. When she remembers about the affair, once again, she leaps into her car and runs away, taking herself physically far away from the source of her pain.