Frank used to be an adventurer who wrote up detailed maps of the Amazon and spent hours working on them, as he trekked through the terrain, but now he knows them like the back of his hand, so he spends all his free time (after he did a bunch of things once he trapped his cursed Conquistador buddies in the jungle, like build a town and outlive everyone he cares about) fleecing tourists with rigged-up jungle cruises full of scams to make them feel they’ve earned their money. He pays locals to pretend to be violent cannibals willing to eat his passengers, has a fake hippo that attacks the boat, and tries to convince everyone “the back of water” is cool and interesting. Frank sees no problem leveraging situations to his advantage all the time; he steals his engine back and wrecks the submarine following him on purpose (along with half the dock and several buildings); he uses fighting his own jaguar to impress people with his prowess and skill; he tries to debate Lily up to a higher price if she winds up dead (much to her annoyance); he gets them dinner by shooting a rat and then hauling a bunch piranhas up on deck; and he even tries to get the arrow away from her, through an elaborate farce. Frank has a general charm and likability, and him seeing his friends hurting the locals is what made him snap and come to their defense. But he’s not particularly concerned with other people’s welfare, until he truly connects to Lily and her brother on the jungle cruise. He spent a lot of his life looking for freedom from his curse, and has it fixed in his mind that he’s going to choose to die after he’s cured, only to change his mind at the last minute. He’s found Lily. And she’s a lot of fun.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sx

Frank takes nothing seriously. He’s comical and tries to connect to people through telling them awful, unfunny jokes to lighten the mood. He’s somewhat cavalier about everything and goes after whatever he wants, even if that’s just to cheat the man he owes money to, by ordering a steak dinner and charging it to his account. Frank is somewhat tired of life, since he’s see and done all there is to do in the Amazon, but it doesn’t take much for Lily to reawaken his desire to keep on living, having normal experiences, etc. Even though he’s assertive and combative sometimes, he’s also somewhat soft-hearted and doesn’t especially love conflict. When Lily breaks into his room and looks around in his stuff, he just explains to her what it is, and his reasons for having it, and later tells her about the curse. His 8 wing is somewhat gruff and unflinching about doing bad things and profiting off them, such as never intending to pay his loan shark back. (He leaves him his raft at the end, before he skips off into the sunset to have more adventures.)