Sam is a logical, detached problem-solver who works as an assassin. Though her mother abandoned her for fifteen years due to a professional mistake in “the firm,” Sam hasn’t held it against her. She argues that she belongs in the business, because it’s all she knows how to do, and has no problem killing people without remorse—until she meets one guy and finds out his daughter has been kidnapped. Her accidental shooting of him fills her with enough remorse, she sets out to make sure his kid is okay and recover the stolen money… but the money matters less to her than the kid. Their escape tactics includes wild improvisation, as she helps the girl drive without using her own hands, manages to shoot, stab, maim, and kill the people coming after them with numbness in her arms, improvises using their car, and winds up blowing a library to smithereens alongside her mother. Sam takes calculated risks like being willing to sacrifice herself to make sure the girl goes free, and not expecting the other female assassins to show up with “a plan” to rescue her. She’s sometimes short-sighted, such as when she blasted her way out of an apartment, killing a mob boss’s son in the process, and setting off a chain of events leading to her being endlessly attacked and targeted by his cronies. Her limited emotional affectation involves having almost no feelings ever surface, except for her concern for an innocent child. She feels bad about having killed her father, and anxious about the girl finding this out and killing her for it, so she apologizes to her. She’s willing to sacrifice herself to a painful death to ensure the little girl escapes with her life. Sam tailors her language around the child, refraining from using too bad of language out of a sense of general appropriateness, asks her to shut her eyes so she doesn’t see the worst of the gore, and refuses to outline her assassin motivations to avoid the girl being angry with her. She objects, however, to being called a “serial killer,” even if she is a killer who does it a lot, thus, a “serial.” Mostly because serial killers, she says, are mentally unbalanced and she isn’t.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/sx

Sam has a tough, no-nonsense but lethally calm demeanor, which includes not getting ruffled about much of anything, while calmly killing people who threaten her. She brushes off pain, insisting a bullet wound is nothing but a scratch and going on to fight aggressively without it. Rather than show fear when she discovers her hands have gone numb, she has the kid tape weapons to her hands so she can use them anyway. Though obviously damaged by her mother abandoning her as a child, Sam dismisses it when they’re reunited, easily gets over it, and works with her to get the job done. She uses lethal force whenever it’s necessary and sometimes when it isn’t, and refuses to be emotionally vulnerable, to admit that she wants the child’s forgiveness, or how much she cares about her mother. Her 9 wing is good at numbing her to everything, making her write off things as unimportant, and keeping her isolated from other people on an even-keel level.