Her brother says Lily just leaps into action and figures it out as she goes, and that’s the truth. She sets him up to distract the members of a museum society while she sneaks into the basement to make off with an artifact, which includes stealing a jungle uniform and donning it, then exchanging the arrow for a stuffed bird, and finally, trying to escape on a ladder and falling out the window onto a moving bus. In the Amazon, she’s keen to get started immediately and has no fear of traveling after dark; she doesn’t think anything of the perils they encounter on the river, until she knows of their existence. She’s quite clever at getting herself in and out of trouble by picking locks, going where she’s uninvited, outrunning bad guys, etc., but she also tends to take things at face value. She believes Frank about his “splendid bath,” and falls for his tourist trick where he tries to manipulate her out of giving him the arrow (she refuses and challenges everyone to a fight). She does whatever she wants and deems right, whether that’s freeing birds and monkeys from cages, or seeking the petal so that she can use it for medicinal and scientific purposes in the hope of “helping lots of people; I don’t have to know about them to care about them.” Her brother worries about the social appropriateness or lack thereof of her wearing trousers in public, but Lily doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She charts their progress on maps and trusts them to get them where they’re going. She can be blunt, and Frank says that she often says whatever she thinks, without thinking how it will make anyone around her feel.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Lily directly goes after whatever she wants and sees no problem in taking it if others won’t give it to her. She steals things, frees other people’s animal property, and absolutely loves being in the Amazon because of all the incredible experiences she’s having. It’s so beautiful, it has so many wonderful things to look at in it, why would anyone not want to do this?? Lily tries to persuade Frank to give up his notions of dying once he’s freed from the curse, by going with her to London and “living it up,” since he’s never been there or seen that or driven an automobile. She’s a sunny side up person who looks for the good in people, abounds with optimism, and assumes she can get away with things (and for the most part, she’s right). Her 8 wing is very direct and inclined to take over; she flatly refuses to do anything she doesn’t want to do, no to her means absolutely not, she challenges a tribe of what she thinks are cannibal warriors to their faces to fight her, and she insults the museum society through her brother at the end of the film, by telling them to stuff their invitation up their backsides.