Alexei hated his short stint in suburbia, because it was “boring,” and didn’t let him do “actual spy stuff.” He had to stick around and play dad to a couple of kids, whom he cares about, but he wanted to get back into the line of fire more. The minute they escape the people after them, he asks his boss to please, please give him an actual assignment that involves doing things again – only to wind up causing trouble, beating up people, and eventually breaking out of prison. He’s psyched to get out into the real world where he can be a major “force of combat” again. He often takes things at face value, such as taking it for granted that his daughter is in the cell next to him, rather than his wife (in fairness, he may not be aware of the face-switching technology). He also has limited emotional range; he congratulates his daughters on being ruthless assassins and having killed more people than any of the other Black Widows, not realizing this will insult Yelena and just tick off Nat. He figures things out as he goes, but also shows a lot of tert-Fe ego and bravado. He makes a convincing, warm-hearted dad because he easily knows how to talk to the girls. Having them upset with him aggravates him enough that he tries to make it up to them, but only winds up digging himself into a bigger hole by saying more insensitive things. He easily expresses his desire for Melina when they meet again after so many years, much to Nat’s disgust. But he has no real plan for his life and no greater understanding of the organization he worked for being horrific; he knew nothing about how it subjugated the girls under its employment or uses mind control to remove their free will.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Alexei is something of a washed-up former “hero” of the Soviet Union, who really wants to be doing impressive things. He’s crushed to learn that Captain America has never mentioned him, since in his arrogance, he assumed himself equal to Cap, but for the Russians, as a great but fair nemesis! He cares most about the levels of notoriety his “daughters” have achieved and praises them for being so successful. The first thing he does upon being freed from prison is dig out his old uniform, squeeze his paunch into it (with huge effort) and then proudly show it off to his “family” by saying, “Look, it still fits!” He can be emotional when he thinks he isn’t being liked, and attempt to convince his daughters to forgive him, or be more impressed by him. Alexei forces himself to admit how much he cares about Nat when he thinks he’s speaking to her, even though it’s difficult to admit to his feelings.