Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Emmett has lived alone for months, since his wife died, but it has caused him to fall into depressive low Fi behaviors – he has lost all hope for humanity and refuses to bury her, instead leafing her to mummify in the place where he has ‘holed up’ for their personal safety. He intelligently chose somewhere secure, with a soundproof vault in it, and a concrete underground chamber where they could be safe from the creatures. He spends all his time drawing pictures of his dead family members, mostly his sons. He has limited negative encounters with the survivors, and believes (somewhat accurately, as it turns out) that most of them “are not worth saving” or associating with. Under duress, he goes after Regan to save her life, and winds up sharing in her hope that they might find help on the island off the coast. After being attacked by the survivors, he throws them off by drawing the creatures to rip them apart (making noise, and ensuring they take out the leader). Emmett initially has an unhealthy Fi; he only cares about himself and doesn’t want anything to do with the Abbot family. He only agrees to let them stay the night because Evelyn begs, and even then, he tells them he wants them “gone tomorrow,” since there’s not enough resources for them all. Much to his chagrin, Emmett has been listening to the same radio transmission for months without ever wondering what it means, or why it’s on repeat, or thinking about it as anything other than a catchy tune. He’s shocked when Regan interprets it (accurately) as a message to find survivors off the coast.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/sx

Emmett has ‘holed up’ in the middle of nowhere, and is excluding other people from sharing in his resources. He rigs up clever traps and does nothing when they stumble into them, until he recognizes them, then he rushes down there to help them. He’s at constant war between his loner 5 wing, which wants nothing to do with any other people, and states up front that he doesn’t have enough food for them and him too, and his 6 core, which feels protective over them, against his own wishes. Emmett is a calculating thinker, but also wants to avoid the outer world as much as possible and only agrees to go along with Reagan because she pleads with him and plants a hope of survival in his heart.