Marcus is all about his family, staying together, and being protected as a group. He’s been so traumatized by everything he’s seen and the loss of his family members and friends that he’s terrified to leave his comfort zone or do anything different. Whenever his sister wants to wander off and do her own thing, Marcus begs her not to go, afraid of what might happen to her. His inferior Ne is on hyper drive all the time. He has to be reassured by his father that the waterfall is a safe place to talk, because of the loud, pounding water throwing off the creatures. Marcus is very much about the here and now, and living in the present, but also often turns to others for reassurance, easily shares his feelings, and accurately interprets his sister’s hidden emotions. Though she never says a word about it, he knows she thinks her father blames her for the death of their younger brother and expresses that to his dad. He is often attempting to make peace between family members, and keep everyone happy with him. He thinks of others before himself, even when he’s scared. Marcus can stand up for himself, and defend himself against a creature, though it takes him a moment to realize what sound is coming through the radio and yank out the jack, so he can incapacitate the creature and blow its head off with his mother’s gun. He wavers between sweet optimism and periods of fear toward the future, because he doesn’t know what will happen to them all.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Marcus is, not unusually, scared out of his mind most of the time, and doubly cautious; he urges his sister to be more careful, tells her not to go off alone, and has panic attacks whenever his family go off and leave him, even when it’s necessary. His mother leaves him to tend the baby while she goes for medical supplies, and in the meantime, he roams around the place, accidentally knocks something over, and must hide himself and his sister from the creature, locking them both in the vault. He uses the baby’s oxygen tank to keep them both breathing and alive and waits for his mother to rescue them. This was after begging her not to leave him alone, even for a few hours. It’s only at the end that he musters up his courage to become counter-phobic for a few minutes and tackle his fears head-on by confronting the creature. He’s highly reliant on other people, scared but also willing to take risks; he gets so bored with his little sister, he goes off and leaves her to explore the factory, despite knowing there might be danger outside.