Function Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Much like her husband, Evelyn is a rapid-thinking survivalist who uses her environment to keep herself and her kids safe, from hanging out in a flooded basement with a creature (because she knows it can’t hear her down there, with the water running) to setting off away from the farmhouse across the valley toward a smoke signal, in the hope of finding others survivors who can help protect them. When the town is first attacked, Evelyn tries to drive her kids home, but then sees a bus careening toward them out of control, and instantly reverses the car, driving through town backward and into a side alley. Though fearful of what lurks outside their home, she creatively keeps herself alive, even delivering her own child, she goes to town after medicine to help her son, and sets an oxygen tank on fire, both in the hope of destroying a creature and setting off the sprinkler system to cover up her footsteps. She is an emotional woman, but also loops into Te a lot. When Emmett asks how the hearing aid feedback works to incapacitate the creatures, she shrugs and says she doesn’t care, so long as it keeps working. She left tinkering and coming up with protective devises to her husband, and focuses on fulfilling her children’s needs instead. She’s easily able to calm down her hyperventilating son by reminding him to be strong and breathe, telling him she’ll be back in a few hours, etc. She tries to let her daughter be independent and make her own way, while keeping her safe. She doesn’t talk about her feelings of grief or loss, but mourns her loved ones through private gestures, such as leaving her son’s backpack on the train tracks and then adding her wedding ring as a quiet tribute to her husband. Evelyn has rational reasons for all of her decisions, is able to remain calm where others panic, and tries to keep all her kids from making noise, because they CAN’T. She even keeps herself quiet while giving birth, though it hurts like high hell. Evelyn doesn’t show much Ni, except in her desire to believe their lives might one day change for the better.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Evelyn is cautious and tries in every way to keep her family safe, going out of her way to make sure they always have enough medicine, bandages, and food, without endangering any of them in the process. She has a warm and giving nature, but doesn’t like to take unnecessary risks and is super careful whenever she has to leave her children even for a few hours. She knows she can’t raise them on her own, and sets out to find help once her husband has been killed. She finds Emmett and appeals to him on an emotional level to help them, incredulous that he would turn them away. She keeps things light for the children at home, and tries to be optimistic, playful, and keep them entertained. But she also sets out to build and find connections, out of a deeper insecurity about now having to do this on her own.