Function Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Regan is quick to act in her environment, and put herself forward in a proactive position. She thinks quick on her feet, throwing her brother a door to climb up on, and leaping in to save him when he falls into the corn silo; her parents both fret about her not being careful enough. This behavior continues into the second film, where she decides to pursue the sound of “Over the Sea” to an island in the hope of finding people alive and reuniting with the survivors. She sees it as her responsibility to take care of her family in her dad’s place, since he died to save her (and her brother). Regan just sets off without a plan other than to reach the coast, steal a boat, and make her way to the island. Once there, she incapacitates one of the creatures and brains it with a piece of machinery. Regan shows a streak of fierce independence from the start, asserting herself with her father and telling him that she is smart and can do things; wanting in the basement to look at his equipment and often going off alone and/or needing to spend time sorting through her feelings. She feels deep remorse over her brother’s death and what happened to him, and blames herself for this – but her FJ brother is the only one in the house who picks up on it, because she never confesses this to her dad. Regan tells someone off for being “not like my dad” as an insult. She tends to ‘act out’ when she does not get what she wants, storming off to be alone, but is also good at seeing what her father did not know, based on her own experiences – she can hurt the creatures using the whine from her hearing aid. She’s angry about being kept at home and not having enough responsibilities around the place. She often goes off to be on her own, becomes fixated on one (erroneous) belief, that her father blames her for her little brother’s death and is unable to break free of it on her own. She also quickly puts what she has observed and experienced (the issues with her hearing aid) together with the environment and figures out how to incapacitate the creatures so her mother can kill them. She also figures out that the music playing on the radio on a loop is a message, leading them to an island off the coast—and of course, she immediately sets out for it.

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sp

Regan reacts instantly and wants to immediately get things done; she’s fiercely protective over her family and refuses to be left behind, insisting at all times that she either goes along with her dad, is doing something useful, or asserting her independence. She frequently wanders off from the house and goes back to fetch things on her own, even when her parents ask her not to; she sets out by herself thinking she can somehow save the day and do what her dad wanted, by helping people figure out how to use her hearing aid to destroy the creatures. She has an adventurous side and doesn’t apologize for going after what she thinks is right. Regan struggles to find a balance between being herself and being in charge and getting along with her dad, with whom she has a lot of conflict.