Lee has rigged the entire farm as a complex system of protection and warning about his family; he and his wife have devised ways to keep their children safe, sound-proof the basement, create sound diversions, even sound-proof a cradle. He has rational reasons for all his decisions, and handles every crisis with calm competency and action. He tries to instill in his children a sense of calm but effective logical reasoning and shows his son that “small noises matter less around big noises.” He spends hours trying to repair his daughter’s hearing aid, trying first one thing and then another. Lee in the second film is one of the first people to catch onto what’s happening and do something about it; he gets his wife and kids to leave the ball park as soon as he sees something falling from the sky in the distance. He then keeps his daughter safe after their truck crashes, and knows instinctively that people shouldn’t make any noise; when a phone goes off in the diner, he immediately reacts to protect his daughter by getting her out of there while the creature kills everyone else. His ability to leap into instant action is what saves his kids and wife time and again – he is the first person to snatch them up, to tell them to run, to throw them behind a tree, etc. He sees objective reality for what it is, and is in constant motion, keeping the grounds updated, teaching his kids practical skills, etc; he also shows some futuristic thinking in terms of setting up distractions and traps. Though pragmatic about his situation, he also has a hope that ‘things will turn out.’ His inferior Fe shows in his lack of ability to understand his daughter’s emotions or understand where she is coming from, while also pushing away from and denying his feelings; but he has an overall desire to reassure his kids.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Lee is all about protecting his kids and his wife, and goes to great and intelligent lengths to do so, including preparing a system so that his child, once it’s born, can breathe inside a sound-proof box. He’s cautious and wants to know about whatever is happening, when stuff first starts going wrong. Lee instantly thinks something is wrong on the first day of the attacks, and starts to get his family out of town. He doesn’t know how, but he thinks others should be quiet and avoid drawing the creatures’ attention. The instant a cell phone goes off, he bolts for the door with his daughter, keeping her head low. Lee manages to get his family home safe, where he sound-proofs everything and sets up a system both to protect and warn them of creatures’ approach and a signal fire to reach out to other survivors. He’s careful with everything he does, but also has a good sense of humor, is playful and tries to keep things light for his family.