Elle is an ambitious and likable “hot girl” who knows how to work people to her advantage; when she wants to get Warner back, she shows up at his football practice and camps out in a bikini top to watch him and his friends play. She skillfully navigates most social situations, always figuring out what to say that will influence someone or smooth the way for them, and is easily offended and hurt by criticism (her boyfriend’s insistence that she isn’t smart enough for Harvard, her father’s scoffing at it, and her new friend assuming she is sleeping with their professor to get good grades). Elle often makes emotional appeals, and uses logic that doesn’t make sense to anybody else, but that is still solid. This also ties into her Ni tendency to look at things in a different way from most people; she reasons that their client must be innocent, because she’s a fitness instructor, and people who exercise all the time are full of happy endorphins, and happy people just don’t kill their husbands. She has sudden flashes of insight about the case, such as when she notices an offhanded remark that leads her to suspect a witness is lying about his affair because he’s gay. Elle also has no doubts about their client’s innocence, even when all the evidence points to the contrary. She is extremely smart and learns things fast when she puts her mind to it, acing her exams and quickly adapting to life at Harvard (up to a point). She insists to her college advisor that she’s going to Harvard, so there’s no need to consider any other schools, even if she has no previous classes that would qualify her for it. Before she got into school, Elle looped mostly with Fe and Se, in that she was very opportunistic, impulsive, and focused on appearances. She cared more about fashion than anything else, and had a future planned for herself that involved being a designer, only to throw that away to chase after law school just to get back her boyfriend, whom she thought more highly of than he deserved. Whenever she’s upset, she wants a manicure, even if this involves reckless driving to get there. Elle doesn’t think through any of her decisions until she reaches law school, which forces her to become more rational, explain her thinking, and find legal precedents for her arguments.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sx

Elle is a bright, vivacious, and confident girl who at first tried to become whatever anyone else considered desirable, and who admits at one point that she wanted to be more than a “Victoria’s Secret Model,” and have people believe that she could do it. She’s the queen bee in her sorority, highly aware of what everyone thinks of her, and boldly confident that not only can she get into law school, but she can ace it as well. It pains her a great deal not to be taken seriously, especially when a professor she admires and who has praised her legal work soon hits on her, undermining everything he said about her. Elle under stress shifts into a 9ish sense of apathy – she lets her lifestyle go to pot, she lays around watching soap operas and picking through a box of chocolates, she doesn’t wash her hair, do her nails, or anything else productive, and she considers quitting after being hit on, until another female teacher insinuates it would belittle her. Her 2 wing is highly active. She assumes everyone is going to love her, because she’s so fabulous, but is also generous, compassionate, and willing to help just about everyone she meets, from teaching her friend the “bend and snap” to get her a date, to pretending she spent a “beautiful night” with a student who just got cruelly rejected by two girls. She takes a basket of goodies to the prison to cheer up her favorite murder suspect. She is also, admittedly, somewhat shallow at the beginning, relying only on her charm and sex appeal to get ahead in life.