Catherine is a tough-talking, no-nonsense successful lieutenant who problem-solves effortlessly, no matter what is going on around her or what’s happening. She’s a master of adapting to circumstances and figuring out a workaround, such as when she points out that Henri is about to go over the falls, and then grabs a rope to keep them from plunging over the edge, then decides to drive their bike across the countryside to get to their destination, rather than wait for a lift. (Only to find out they’ve been driving “right alongside the main road” for half the night.) She is opportunistic and smart about how to get things done, both in terms of messing with Henri for her own amusement and when she pulls various stunts on him. Catherine easily figures out how to get them through Germany, by insisting she can drive a bike rather than wait for a car, forcing him to climb a sign in the rain to see what it says (and then laughs when he gets paint all over him), allowing him to be thrown into jail temporarily to pay him back for not letting her speak to him when he’s out of uniform, etc. She steals clothes from a nurse and dresses him up in her uniform to smuggle him onto the ship, cutting off a horse’s tail to make him a temporary wig. Catherine cares a lot what other girls think; she’s horrified when Henri dumps all her clothes onto her desk, leading the girls to assume they’ve had a love affair. She deliberately says things to provoke and antagonize him, just to get his goat. Once she decides she’s in love with him, she overdoes it in her confession and becomes somewhat gushy. Catherine is willing to navigate all the boring paperwork required by the government to get him back to America as her “war bride” but also willing to cut corners whenever she’s bored. She shows no real thoughts about the future, preferring instead to live in the moment.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sp

Catherine is a good-natured woman who finds everything hysterically funny, especially when it doesn’t involve her – she pranked Henri at one point by dying him blue, she loves showing him up in front of people, she laughs when he gets fresh paint all over his uniform, etc. She doesn’t let anything get her down for long and maintains an optimistic, cheerful attitude even when there are setbacks that put them behind schedule. She assumes most rules don’t apply to her, and happily breaks them. Catherine sums up her own personality best when she smashes a tray over a man’s head after finding out that he held back her paperwork from going to the right place, out of an assumption that she would “come to her senses” and not want to marry Henri after all. She has a quick temper and is forever engaging in a power struggle with Henri over who is going to have the upper hand; she enjoys fighting with him, arguing with him, and putting him in his place, including berating him for sleeping in her room overnight and “pretending” the door handle came off in his hand. She has done various nefarious, mischievous things to him in the past, including dying him blue, for which she is unapologetic.