Henri has an ongoing romantic-tension-fueled feud going on with Catherine, which he maintains by marching into her place of work and dumping her laundry on her desk, intentionally giving her coworkers the wrong idea about their relationship (or perhaps unintentionally, since he quite strongly asserts his desire to march in there and tell them how much he dislikes Catherine and the thought of being romantically involved with her makes his stomach churn). He insists on taking his job very seriously, and making decisions carefully, such as when he borrows clothing to go out about the town to ask questions about the man he’s going to meet, and insists that Catherine not speak to him on the street, because her uniform will give them both away. Of course, he can’t foresee that this will cause him to get arrested by the police when they raid the tavern he’s in, and Catherine will refuse to authenticate his identity with the police as part of their ongoing shenanigans. Henri seems to match her mood whenever they are together, but also has a tender, nurturing side, such as volunteering to rub her shoulders, back, or even the Charlie horse in her leg. He bounces back and forth between being antagonistic in reaction to her teasing, and being nice to her, but also wary of her bad temper. Rather than wake her (disturb her), he sleeps in an uncomfortable chair all night in her hotel room, then she forces him to climb out the window the next morning to avoid a scandal. Henri objects to dressing up as a woman to get on the ship, but goes along with it to please her; he also puts up very little protest when he’s bandied about and made fun of, for being a “bride.” He doesn’t show much creativity, since he relies on his wife to solve most problems that arise for them.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/sx

Henri is a quarrelsome crank who often loses his temper, becomes emotional, and matches Catherine “blow for verbal blow,” but is actually somewhat cowed by her when she pushes him too far. He’ll put up a show of being angry, then turn around and offer to rub her sore back; he’ll insist on telling people how much he hates her, and then wind up sleeping in an uncomfortable chair rather than risk her wrath, but he likes to provoke and banter with her. He goes along with most things and avoids serious conflict, but can also easily become cross and poke at people whenever he’s mad. Catherine accuses him of having a bad temper, although he rarely shows it around anyone who has authority. He’s quite doubtful of things and reluctant to step outside his comfort zone, which means he complains about her driving, is sure they’re going to get lost, and passively accepts it when he’s booted around to different places in the middle of the night, because no place wants to let him sleep there.