Function Order: Se-Ti-Fe-Ni

Charles first met Sophia in Cairo because he was “bored” and looking for undercover work to do, so they assigned him to her. He became involved with her, but not overly emotionally entangled with her. When she turns up in his office wanting him to solve her grandfather’s potential murder ahead of the police, Charles defers, saying it wouldn’t be appropriate, but then goes along with the investigation. He spends most of his time watching people, questioning them, and establishing baselines for their behavior, gathering details rather than leaping to conclusions. He says anyone could have done it, and he hasn’t yet narrowed it down to who is responsible. Charles sabotages his own car as an excuse to get invited to stay overnight, so he can be around the family in their natural habitat. He crawls in and out of rooms, sometimes forcing his way inside them without asking permission (and in one instance, jams his foot in the door so a woman can’t shut it on him). He becomes physical with Josephine when he demands she tell him what’s going on in the house. He also comes on to Sophia, since being around her rekindles his feelings for her, but doesn’t attempt to explain himself much about their problems in Egypt. Charles is somewhat assertive and aggressive in how he approaches her family members, measuring his reactions to theirs – he’s polite and deferential to one, more aggressive and combative to another, depending on how they react to him and whether it annoys him. Charles is somewhat irritated that no one seems to care about the dead man at all, or miss him, since that makes them all suspects. He doesn’t discover who did it or why until he tracks down enough evidence to link his suspicions to the direct actions at a crime scene. Charles suffers from a lack of being able to piece together the clues; he doesn’t know who did it until it’s too late to prevent another person’s murder and another terrible event.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Charles hovers between being likeable and good-natured, and bullish. He somewhat avoids responsibility, and has a sense of fun whenever he’s around Josephine, but also barges into places unannounced and uninvited, aggressively asks questions of his host, and keeps his cards close to his chest. Charles ignores most insults and dismisses them, but when he’s being followed, he immediately asserts himself by climbing into the back of the man’s car and putting him in a chokehold until he confesses his association with Scotland Yard. He tells off the inspector for having him followed. He goes out with Sophia for a night on the town to just have a good time and tries to kiss her afterward, as well as another time when he’s stuck at the house. Though she fires him, he sticks around anyway and does what he likes. At one point, he demands a child tell him all the secrets she’s been hiding, but she refuses.