Jason comes to town figuring he might do some gold prospecting while “on my way to Australia.” He saw a picture in a book once, and got so curious about things that hop and will box ya, he decided to make his way there, eventually… and he turns up in a small town full of chaos who needs a sheriff, so he figures he might as well do the job for good pay, so long as he can leave if anything goes south. Confronted with a super amazing jail without any bars (it has a coffee pot on the cast iron stove, though!), he draws a chalk line, dribbles some red paint on it, and tells Joe that’s the last feller that crossed the line. Keeps him in there, nice as can be. He sees a chance to make a deputy and then get him to do all the heavy lifting while prospecting, turning his words around on him so that the prospector offers him 60/40 on whatever they find. (How nice of him!) When Joe’s temperamental father turns up and tries to pull a gun on him, Jason sticks his finger in the end of it, knowing it’ll cause it to blow up in both their faces if he pulls the trigger. He also uses a rope across the road to stop cowboys from tearing through firing off their guns. He threatens to blow Joe up if his father doesn’t call off his posse, assuming a canon isn’t loaded but using it as emotional blackmail. Jason is charming and likable, but also wants to be obeyed. When he sees a girl making eyes at him, he calmly tells him he’s not a long-term investment, because he’s just passing through… and then a few weeks later calls her “my girl” to get a bunch of cowboys to stop harassing her. Jason has a vague idea of what he wants for his future, to pack up and move to Australia, but he never got there; he became governor of the state instead.

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sp

Jason handles everything with calm, unperturbed force. No one and nothing intimidates him; when he first comes to town and sees Joe gun down someone in cold blood, he calmly tells him that wasn’t self-defense, and exactly how he feinted for his gun with one hand and drew with the other. He answers questions bluntly, telling Joe he’s not even the fastest gun around, and telling his deputy that a bullet going in six inches apart isn’t good enough; another five feet away and “you would have missed him entirely.” Jason doesn’t mind the mayor challenging him to prove himself; he simply shoots another bullet through the target. Whenever Prudy gets all fired up about anything, he just calmly diffuses her, asks her what the matter is, tells her it could happen to anybody, and seems relatively unruffled even when she’s trying to hit him with a board. He never gets real mad, just has an “even keel” approach to everything.