Function Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Prudy is a regular firecracker of a girl, whom her father can’t control. The first time Jason meets her, she’s in the middle of a brawl in a public street, hitting the man who knocked her into the mud over the head with a board off a nearby cart. She is accident-prone, but also opportunistic, leaping into action to try and attract the sheriff by going out of her way to be feminine and attractive, but also setting her skirt on fire accidentally when she gets too close to a cook stove. Prudy tends to shove people aside, tie herself to poles in protest, and calls the men of the town a bunch of lily-livered “cowards” for not standing behind the sheriff. She calls him sensible to cut and run rather than stand up to a rival gang, not realizing her praise of his common sense will cause him to find it cowardly and stick around. When he refuses to leave town, she agrees to help defend him, and “shoots to kill,” because she doesn’t “know any other method.” She’s highly emotional and easily insulted at the thought that he thinks she’s trying to attract his attention. Prudy doesn’t like seeing people shot and killed in front of her, unless they’re threatening the people she cares about, and then she has no problem gunning them down herself. She’s direct, combative, and straightforward, but also has no grasp of subtlety, metaphor, and has to be told exactly what Jason means by being called “my girl.”

Enneagram: cp6w7 sx/so

Prudy is “out of control” according to his father, because she rushes in to confront anyone she doesn’t like. He says she’s forever shouting death to anything she doesn’t want to do, and being generally rebellious, although she’s also family-oriented, cautious, and feels 3ish stress when she thinks Jason has the wrong idea about her intentions. (He has the right one, but she’d rather die than forget that.) She overdoes it on both sides of sexual attraction – being tough and hard-as-nails with most men, but turning soft and appealing to get Jason’s attention. Bringing him meals, flirting with him, and needing his protection, then turning around and shooting at people, riding a bucking horse while people set off firecrackers, etc. She has a playful, whimsical side, but is also fear-motivated. She thinks Jason is an idiot to face down the Danby clan and tries to prematurely think about how to keep him safe, figuring that there will be a minimum of 12 to 15 men in the posse and it might be a good idea for him to just… turn tail and run.