Function Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Grace is a straightforward communicator, who effectively runs her own department as a scientist. She’s deeply resentful of the fact that military actions caused her to lose touch with the Navi and no longer be able to live and work among them or teach children at the school. She judges Jake as yet another “idiot jarhead” when she first meets him, dismissing him as having any potential because he’s not his twin brother, has no training except in the military, and his goals won’t align with hers. It’s only when she sees him effectively start to bond to the Navi that she welcomes him and starts mothering him, making sure he eats and drinks on time, takes his medicine, and gets enough rest to sustain his avatar link. She’s directly confrontational when dealing with the military and furious when they murder the Navi people for capitalist reasons. Grace has accumulated an enormous amount of knowledge about the indigenous people and their beliefs, enough that she believes there is a tangible link between them and the nature that surrounds them. She argues that the entire planet is inner connected, and they should do nothing that disturbs that link or causes an imbalance. She insists Jake record all of the details of his missions and engagements for the scientific record. Grace changes her mind about him, and also becomes more accepting of him, as time goes on and she witnesses his behavior and its effect on the indigenous people. She also shows a fiercely judgmental nature about the military, often insulting them and calling them villains, murderers, and bastards for what they want to do; trade people’s lives for riches. It’s only when Jake does something meaningful for her (allows her to get back “in” with the Navi) that she embraces him and cares about looking after his best interests.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Grace is almost permanently angry about something or another, mostly the fact that she has lost her connection to the people she cares so much about, and that the military has planted a “jarhead” in her science department who is spying on her. She moves them to the mountain remote link station just to get Jake away from his superiors. She regularly moralizes at people and tells them off for raping the earth’s resources for a profit, she calls her superiors murderers for their actions, and doesn’t respect anyone until they earn her respect. Her 2 wing feels a genuine connection to the children. She’s eager to help them, educate them, and protect them, and furious on their behalf when their home is destroyed and many of their numbers diminished.