Function Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Jake says that with Neytiri’s teaching style, it’s “do or die.” Either you succeed in throwing yourself off cliffs, taking on jungle creatures, and leaping across wide expanses… or you fall to your death. She feels confident and excels in situations that demand she become “one” with the environment; she is one of the tribe’s most fearless dragon riders, she adapts to the situation to survive and protect other people, she attacks her enemies with bows and errors, and physically saves Jake on numerous occasions. She, like him, loves to saturate herself in the jungle, to touch, and taste, and do things. She’s excited to ride with him on his magnificent creature, but also judges things on a surface level. She has no idea that he was sent there to study them, and is horrified to learn he told the general the information he needed to know to hurt her tribe. She teaches Jake to use and appreciate the wonders of the environment, and train his body to do the things she naturally can do, but is also impatient when he doesn’t pick up on things easily. She finds him a “moron” at times. Neytiri is happiest when able to be “free.” She lives according to her own personal values. She weighs new circumstances according to worth and importance (agreeing to teach Jake, even though she doesn’t want to, for the greater good), and isn’t afraid to put tradition aside to promote a new agenda she wholeheartedly believes in. Neytiri is very fiery and passionate about everything she holds dear, from her faith to her love for nature around her. She takes things personally and does everything with her whole heart, but does not share her feelings openly, except under great stress. She does not want Jake to mourn someone’s death with her, since that is “private” (and she holds him responsible).When she’s angry at him, rather than save him from approaching death, she takes one look at him and walks away, showing him the disgust she feels for his betrayal. She can detach from her feelings, in order to pursue a greater course – such as teaching Jake, when she does not want to, for the greater good of the tribe, to foster a relationship between humans and her own race. Neytiri has a forceful manner about her, and often does not mince words – she frequently tells Jake how stupid and incompetent he is! Her soul-connection to the jungle means a great deal to her; she believes in the mystical pull and knowledge of the ancestors, and tries to consult them when making decisions; she values her tribe’s holy places, and wants Jake to forge and feel that same connection, to pursue his own greater understanding of self and the world in which she lives.

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sx

The first time Neytiri saves Jake’s life, she calls him an idiot, and blames him for the death of the creatures following him, because he is like an “infant,” stomping around in the jungle after dark and drawing attention to himself. It takes her a long time to cease quarreling with him and insulting him as part of the teaching process, and she doesn’t go out of her way to make him feel welcome until she falls in love with him. Neytiri doesn’t want to submit to her parental authority, but she chooses to do so, because their goddess has chosen Jake to be part of her life. She is aggressive and won’t back down, often challenging others in her tribe, and the “white” men who want to destroy her way of life. She loves adventure and excitement, and is happiest when she’s up in the sky, avoiding the cares of the world below. She also doesn’t like to think about her pain; she wants to do something about it instead.