Jake is a good marine in his adaptability to the environment, and relative fearlessness when engaging with it on a sensory level, but he’s also a “slow learner” according to Neytiri. It takes him a while to catch on to the nuances of the language and to learn how the environment works; but he has a lot of delight in seeing and touching things, and trying them out on his own. He’s so excited to have “legs” again in his avatar that he refuses to take it slow, and instead busts out of the medical wing to go running through the jungle. The joy of digging his toes into the dirt floods through him. Jake is both quick to act, and not always totally in tune with what he’s doing; it takes him trial and error to catch on to how to make a soul-connection to things, but he also manages to capture and tame the greatest sky dragon of them all (he assumes something that big “won’t be looking up” and it’s true). When stuck outside and left behind his first night in the jungle, he figures out how to make a torch out of whatever he can find, to keep the jackals at bay. He confesses that he’s spent his entire life looking for something to believe in and a cause to defend. He wants something to “fight for” and finds it among the Navi. The more time Jake spends with them, the more he “goes native,” and adopts their belief system and way of life, as his low Fe starts to mirror what Neytiri values. He becomes more Navi and less human, preferring his blue body to his real one, and not just because he can walk in it. He’s not always aware of protocol or what’s appropriate, but tries to be polite and deferential to his authorities.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Though eager to try out new things on a physical level, Jake is also cautious and aware of his personal safety needs. He is anxious to please and get others to like him, and uses humor to make that happen. Jake doesn’t take any of Neytiri’s insults personally and instead, laughs them off. He says he had to learn to “trust my body to know what to do.” Many times, we see him hesitating before he leaps into action – he wants to do it, but isn’t sure he can, until he’s doing it. Jake is obedient to the authorities at first, but then starts to doubt their allegiance and switches his loyalty to the Navi. When they’re threatened, he tries to negotiate peace between them at first and broker a deal so neither side gets hurt, then becomes aggressive and angry in defending the tribe that has adopted him, and whom he cares a great deal about. He’s both careful and adventurous, excited to fly, to see floating mountains, and to leave his comfort zone.