Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Senteza is a methodical and quiet man, who just does his job, whatever he’s been hired to do, and no more than that. His motivations are all financial. If you pay him to cap the person who first hired him, by paying him more than they paid, he will shoot them in the head. He won’t mince words, he’ll just do it. He has a strong sense of how the world works and what happens in it, such as when he guesses that Tuco has someone watching over him, and then identifies Blondie in the crowd, before he gets on the stage to leave town (since it’s none of my business, I did my job and am leaving). He sneaks his way into the army to get closer to the Confederate gold and then uses torture and abuse to get Tuco to talk, but doesn’t use the same method with Blondie, because he senses it wouldn’t work on him. He’s not that kind of man. Senteza does everything for an objective, measurable reason, often just to get paid. He sees no point in going beyond that, since other things don’t concern him (Fi). He shows no emotion and no concern for anyone else or their needs. He wastes no time on speculation, or trying to understand why things happen, he just reads them and reacts to them.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

Senteza has a calm, deliberate force about how he gets things done. He employs torture and pressure to get whatever he wants, and figures the more he can push people, the sooner they will give in to him. He’s right. It works most of the time. He’s fearless in how he handles situations and somewhat arrogant in assuming that they will all come out his way, such as when he winds up in a three-way draw at the end of the film that gets him killed. He doesn’t see the point in sticking around in a bad situation that doesn’t concern him, and leaves whenever his job is done, preferring not to get involved.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.