Function Order: Se-Ti-Fe-Ni

Tuco is a born opportunist who when he sees a runaway horse pulling a caravan, stops it, discovers it full of bodies, and reasons that dead people don’t need their stuff, so he “liberates” them of their pocket watches. Upon finding out from an almost-dead man that there’s confederate gold hidden in a grave, and the only person who knows the exact location is a half-dead man named Blondie (whom he hates), he steals their clothes, puts a patch over his eye, and pretends to be a confederate soldier and Blondie his brother, to get into the fort so he can make sure Blondie lives long enough to tell him the truth. He’s a criminal who has a long list of offenses against him, ranging from theft and murder to rape and abandonment of his wife and child. Tuco often inserts himself into situations before fully thinking them through. He is forever looking for a leg up and a way to hack a situation to his benefit, and he uses charm and conning people to do it. He can convince them of whatever he’s selling and assumes he’s likable enough to get away with it (he’s not always right). Tuco also does mean things for no reason, such as when he prevents Blondie from drinking any water in the desert, just because it upsets his prisoner. Tuco keeps up an almost constant running monologue of his feelings throughout the film, as he is often talking about his reaction to things, complaining about things, etc. He shows no real capacity for long term thinking or consequences.

Enneagram: 7wcp6 sp/so

Tuco sees absolutely no problems in going after and taking whatever he wants, without regard for whom it hurts. He’s a criminal with a long list of offenses that show how he tends to just show up, grab whatever appeals to him, and then walk out when things get hard, including on a marriage, presumably when he got bored. He has a short attention span, a tendency to think the best of himself in an unscrupulous way, and a crafty mind, always set on what can benefit me. He tries to pass himself off as being a 7w8, but actually has a lot of anxiety about his survival, and relies on superstitions like crossing himself as protection against evil. He can become reactive, abrasive, and petty when threatened, pleading with people, giving in to torture, and being anxious about threats.

This character was typed for a reader, per their paid request.