Function Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

Henry is the “geek” genius of the Sanctuary team, who spends most of his time working on computer software programs, tracking temporary hacks, and improvising when everything goes wrong – which it does, on a regular basis. He can think and problem-solve almost instantly when bad things happen, as well as has a hilarious sense of humor, and a snappy comeback for almost every situation (“women and geeks first… oh, wait, that’s all of us!”). He’s far more adept at handling computer systems than actual people or on the ground missions; preferring to hang back and let others do the “shooting people thing.” Whenever a crisis strikes, Henry starts figuring out workarounds, hacking into his own system, putting up firewalls, and blocking invasive signals. He is somewhat awkward with people, but also emotionally reactive; though he and Tesla share technical abilities, he finds him somewhat obnoxious and tells him as much. He doesn’t want the rest of his teammates to understand that he’s an abnormal, because he feels like they would treat him differently. Henry becomes angry when Bigfoot refuses to take medicine to overcome an illness, because he sees that as a betrayal of their friendship, and tells him off to his face. He admits that the thing he fears most in the world is losing control and hurting his friends. Though not emotional or sentimental, Henry does care about them and doesn’t want to let them down. He has a somewhat apprehensive relationship with his inferior Si, in that he remembers the bad things he’s done and that have happened to him, more than the good things. He compares himself to other abnormals in a rather unfair manner, lumping them together instead of being honest about himself as a separate entity. Henry is a little sentimental, and also okay working with outdated “tech,” although he wishes Helen would upgrade. Just a little.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Henry lives in fear of not being able to trust himself to stay in control whenever he becomes a werewolf; he wants to suppress it, deny it, and take medication for it, rather than work to understand what’s happening to him and test himself and his limits. He’s afraid he might lose control and hurt someone he cares about, that they would reject him if they knew the truth about him, etc. He doesn’t want to be separated from them or have his secret become known. He’s cautious and likes to think things through more than actively do them, whenever they involve risks. He’s quite upset when he feels he’s let down his friends, because he wants to “belong” and feels like the Sanctuary is home. Henry is unfailingly loyal to Helen and her family, and especially to Bigfoot. He would rather die than betray them. His 7 wing is optimistic, funny, and charming, but also doesn’t want to think much about the bad times in his life. He chooses avoidance and denial at times, rather than to be honest about his failures.