Kate is a go-getter opportunist who sees potential wherever she looks. She hates to sit around on her butt and “wait for things to happen” – so quite often, she is a catalyst for setting things into motion. She does things without consideration for the consequences of them, such as when she opens up a sealed pod to steal a tusk off a dead abnormal, accidentally letting out its newborn child in the process, and then loses it inside the Sanctuary. She can be somewhat unscrupulous as well; when the others need help recovering this creature (and it’s her fault it’s free in the first place), Kate negotiates for its mothers’ tusks, which she intends to sell on the black market. (She later feels guilty about this, looking at the baby, and asks Hank to “hang onto them for me.”) Another time, when protecting her brother from ruthless killers, she gives them a tour of the Sanctuary, then allows one to be eaten by an abnormal, and lies to Helen about it when Helen asks her why the creature didn’t want its dinner. She initially saw the Sanctuary as someplace full of “dollar signs,” and intended to sell off abnormal if possible, but then became part of the group dynamic and decided to do good things for the creatures instead. She skates by on charm most of the time, but always keeps her good head for business, and sees what they are doing as mostly profit-driven, until she slowly comes around to caring about the creatures by being around them. Hanging out with Will, Hank, Bigfoot, etc., makes her start sharing their morals, rather than only thinking about herself. She instinctively knows things sometimes, but decides she will figure out the bigger picture later (rob the bank now, figure out how to escape when we need to). Kate had no real plan for her life prior to coming to the Sanctuary. She figures things out about others’ motivations but sometimes it takes her awhile.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Kate is the ultimate opportunist who doesn’t apologize for anything, and doesn’t really want to admit to doing anything wrong. She’s bold in going after what she wants and unapologetic about the decisions she’s made in her life, to her own advantage. Rather than focus on the past, she prefers to think about the future and what potential lies in the world. She is optimistic, cheerful, funny, and fun-loving, often ruthlessly teasing those around her and generally being a slob. One person tells her that they expect her to hit the road “when life gets hard,” because they sense that she isn’t the sort of girl who “sticks around when the going gets rough.” It’s true, the old Kate used to cut and run at the first sign of trouble, but she learns to stick it out and stay part of the group. Her 8 wing is aggressive, somewhat hedonistic, and no-nonsense; when she sees that selling a creature for profit isn’t in the cards, she’d rather kill it than try to capture it. She sees nothing wrong with killing the people threatening her brother, either. What’s a little defensive murder between friends?