Ashley confidently inserts herself into any physical situation, assuming she will come out on top; when her mother asks her what the odds of their survival are if they “go out fighting,” Ashley says it’ll get messy, but just “say the word.” She often comes home banged up and in need of medical attention, because she threw herself headlong into a bad situation and came out on top. Her tendency to read things at a surface level rather than assuming more is there than first appears gets her kidnapped by her father, knocked unconscious, and then tied up; when she manages to pick the handcuff lock and escape, she winds up brawling with him until he transports her to enough dangerous locations that she cries uncle. Ashley thinks her way through things, but not according to her father’s standards; John says she needs to stop and “think” before she takes action, something she finds intolerable. She isn’t afraid to leverage situations to her advantage, use lethal force, or turn on the charm to convince people to give her a second chance. Ashley is somewhat playful, flirtatious, and unorthodox in her methods, but also likes her mother to approve of her decisions. She initially turns down a man’s request to date her in an intense situation, but then reconsiders and says, yeah, maybe they could get Chinese food sometimes. Ashley ultimately winds up sacrificing herself to protect her mother, but she unintentionally contributed to her own downfall by trusting surface details. They gave her a drink, and when she didn’t see any obvious signs of tampering, she drank it, allowing them to drug and recondition her as a murderer.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sp

Ashley has an optimistic attitude and doesn’t like to dwell on unhappy things for long; her funny side shows especially in the episode “Nubbins” where she uses any and all excuses to love on the little nubbins, make jokes about them, build sexual innuendos around them, and protect them from harm; she doesn’t like the idea of leaving them to be “fodder” for a larger creature to eat. Ashley also tends to do whatever she wants, without consulting her mother about it; she will break curfew to go out and meet a “guy” about guns, information, tech, whatever, even after her mother told her not to, after being hurt on a mission (it’s fine, she’s great). She thinks fast on her feet, and doesn’t like to dwell on unhappy things; rather than hash it out with her mom when she finds out the truth about John Druitt, she employs the silent treatment and ignores it, pretending it never happened. Ashley had a quick temper; she immediately assaults John after he accuses her of having his emotional instability and ruthlessness, insisting she is nothing like him. She’s angry and aggressive toward anyone who threatens her loved ones, and confidently assumes “rules” and curfews don’t apply to her.