Will is a gentle and compassionate man, who easily finds ways to understand other people by asking them questions and seeking to understand them, but can also get caught up in his own feelings about things and fail to factor in what might be motivating others’ feelings. He is so insistent upon going abroad to “hook up” with a friend that he doesn’t understand why Helen has kept him home, until she tells him it’s Ashley’s birthday. He never thought about that. When Will is infected by spores from Hollow Earth and starts transforming into a lizard creature, he doesn’t talk to anyone about his mental anguish. He never says a word about it. Instead, he suffers in silence. He can be testy sometimes but isn’t always open in talking about how he feels, just in asserting his opinions. On occasion, if a situation is truly bad, and he can see no logical way around it, Will becomes self-pitying and complains. He’s studied as a psychologist, and quickly assesses people on an emotional level. Helen hired him, because he’s so able to put “two and two together.” Will comes up with theories and suppositions, sometimes seemingly out of midair; for example, even though Helen doesn’t tell him as much, he knows John Druitt was “more than your patient, wasn’t he?” He considers more than what is apparent when making decisions, and speculates about what might be happening behind the scenes, both in the crime scenes he investigates and in the motivations of those around him. Will prefers to keep his futuristic options open and cautions Henry against tying the romantic knot too soon, because you never know what might happen next. He is fairly good at drawing conclusions and sensing the truth in others’ motivations. Will has an almost supernatural ability to gather details and draw conclusions from them. He has amassed an incredible amount of knowledge working at the Sanctuary. He can recite cures from memory, identify abnormals on sight or by hearing about their behaviors, and his previous interactions with people often weigh heavily into his expectations about their future behavior (he flat out doesn’t trust Tesla, due to past problems with him). Will can give up under too much stress; in a futuristic scenario, when he can’t see any other way out of a bad situation, he assumes they are all doomed. Will tries to get Helen to accept the facts of bad situations so that she can move past them, and finds it frustrating if she chooses to live in “denial.” He doesn’t like her tendency to leap into things “without a plan.” He is efficient enough that she often leaves him in charge of the Sanctuary when she’s gone; but he has also been known to take power away from her, when he thinks her too mentally imbalanced to make purely tactical or reasonable decisions. Will can be quite blunt if his social filter is off, or he’s mad. He struggles to be as organized as Helen would like him to be.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Will is cautious and likes to know what he’s getting into before he agrees to it; he wonders exactly how dangerous a situation or an abnormal is, before he steps up to do something about it. Once he becomes part of the Sanctuary team, Will is super loyal to Helen. He doesn’t want to take power away from her unless it’s necessary, he argues in her favor when she’s under investigation for mental instability, and insists that he knows her better than anyone else. Will also doesn’t seem able to break free and do what he wants; when she refuses to give him time off, he tries to change her mind rather than defy her. He abides by her wishes even when it postpones something he cares about doing. Will likes to remain impartial in decisions, and to gather the facts and analyze them before he will make a decision. He is somewhat detached from other people, is an expert in his chosen field, and likes sharing his expertise with others. He’s chuffed when Watson admires his intelligence.