Function Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

Nikola is a man of a thousand inventions and ideas, always looking for the next exciting possibility. Even though he often returns to his “master vision” of recreating the vampire race, he’s intrigued with new inventions and discoveries, and is excited rather than concerned when things go wrong. He’s bored with details, hates to work on anything he’s already completed once, and is easily distracted. He’s inventive in problem-solving and very good at discerning other people’s motivations and weakness, so he can exploit them if necessary.  He’s more interested in understanding a concept than in executing it; he does finish projects and work toward goals but has no master plan for his life and is able to think up unique ideas when problem-solving. Tesla’s brilliance comes from understanding how things work, and how they can be improved. He fails to understand emotion, instead preferring to deal in logic. Tesla’s rapier wit comes from his ability to point out the inconsistencies and absurdities in the world. He genuinely cares about Helen and will put aside personal ambition to accommodate her wishes if necessary. Tesla doesn’t often show his own emotions, but takes loss very seriously. His awareness of other people’s moods allows him to tease them or to get a rise out of them for his own amusement. He can be extremely charming and flirtatious, but constantly fishes for affirmation, praise, encouragement, and adoration. Tesla is very open with his feelings as they happen and prefers people to stroke his ego rather than criticize his ideas. He rationalizes his wicked decisions with offhanded, teasing remarks (after Helen accuses him of trying to kill her, he retorts: “Well, we all hurt the ones we love”). Not only does he nurse a centuries-long love for Helen, Tesla also wants to resurrect an ancient, fallen race. He loves to remember places he’s been and past adventures in an attempt to get Helen to remember happier times.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sx

Tesla is an arrogant elitist. Helen says nobody liked him at Oxford, because he was a “complete ass.” But he’s also a likable one – charming, suave, fast-talking, and totally confident in his ability to be a genius, be desired by everyone, and to do everything right on his first try. He’s forever referencing how brilliant he is, how everyone should be in awe of his ego, how proud he is to be part of a “master race” (vampires), and maintains optimism through much of his misadventures – until he loses his vampire abilities, at which point he becomes 9ish in his apathy and frustration at no longer being as “cool” as he was before (but he soon turns around and admits that he can “work with” his electro-magnetic powers). His 4 wing is somewhat melodramatic. Tesla often has mini meltdowns in which he becomes temperamental and “pissy,” especially when things don’t go his way. He’s always felt somewhat “left out” of the Five’s plans, as if they isolated him on purpose, while simultaneously feeling superior to them due to his genetic makeup. The serum brought out his latent vampire DNA more than anything else, something he finds “just plain cool.”