“They may be rich, spoiled, insolent children, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t save them.” Helen effortlessly manages a high-pressure job that requires forming and maintaining friendly alliances across all continents, often dealing with non-human species in the process. Her primary focus lies in mediating between abnormals and humans, protecting one from the other, and reaching compromises for the greater good of all involved. She has a warm, approachable demeanor and can easily read people’s emotions and respond to them. Helen mediates whenever problems arise and knows how to charm people and abnormals alike. Her emotions govern many of her decisions, including choosing to leave “Big Bertha” alive just in case. “Winston gave me that bottle!” Everything in Helen’s long life ties back to her subjective memories of events, individuals, and emotional imprints. She uses gathered facts and experience with people to form conclusions about them and anticipate their behavior; she expects them to be predictable and is rarely disappointed (her antagonistic, distrusting relationship with Tesla stems from his many stunts and attempts to do her harm in their younger years). She remembers details easily and handles a very tedious position, which requires tons of paperwork, forms, routine inspections, governmental checks and balances, etc. Helen is also admittedly sentimental about her previous love affairs, and inclined to fall back into old patterns of behavior when dealing with John. If one idea fails, Helen chooses another based on her environment. She is uncomfortable writing anyone off entirely because she sees both sides to their behavior and/or argument. Whenever problems arise, she opens up the floor for theorizing and brainstorming solutions. She senses when things are amiss with her staff and often accurately guesses the truth. Her refusal to accept what she cannot emotionally deal with (the death of someone close to her) leads her to more and more fantastical theories and hopes that ultimately prove unfounded. She is very, very good at anticipating various outcomes and planning for them accordingly. Her quest for “the unknown” as a young woman led her to experimentation with vampire source blood. She is first and foremost a doctor and a scientist, very logical in her assessment of science and easily able to problem solve. Whenever she delves into her inferior function, Helen can become authoritative and even caustic. She desperately wants to know what happened to John to make him change. Most of the time, her conclusions are rational, but sometimes border on the fantastical. She finds it difficult to separate her emotions from her decisions, and when Will or Tesla overthrow her, she takes it personally. Helen shows both low Ne and inferior Ti after Ashley’s death; rather than accept what happened and process it, she continues seeking more and more fantastical ways Ashley might still be alive (lost in the Sanctuary, hurt and unable to find us, maybe she’s tied up as a spiritual entity in the electro field!), showing how irrational and stubborn she can be when in a bad place emotionally.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Helen is warm, emotionally engaging, and willing to help anyone in need; she has continued and expanded her father’s organization into a global effort, focused on rescuing and providing for abnormals, giving them a home and a place to belong. Helen goes out of her way to protect and help everyone she takes under her wing, from adopting Henry as a young “wolf cub,” to saving Bigfoot’s life and drawing bullets out of him, to taking in Will and wishing she had done more to comfort him after his mother’s death. She forgives Kate for her misadventures. Helen has a tendency to draw people together and help them find meaning serving a greater cause, but also has a great deal of pride in her work and in the good things she does. Her 1 wing is prominent; she’s very proper, reacts from an instinctual place of knowing what is moral, objects to John’s murder of everyone in the Cabal as retaliation for their daughter’s fate, and has trouble caring about him since she found out about his awful behavior as Jack the Ripper. She just cannot approve of him on a moral level, along with Tesla and his nefarious experiments. Helen occasionally shifts into 8 when she’s under stress – she can become angry, aggressive, and unwilling to compromise, sometimes using physical violence and threats to protect her family and friends.