Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Forney has an incredible ability to remember facts, figures, and stats from his many years of working in the library and his high levels of intelligence, but it doesn’t make him much of a people person at first glance. He is abrupt and short-tempered with Novalee the first time they meet, because he’s impatient with her ignorance, her lack of knowing what a book index is, and her inability to read long words. He was on his way to a successful brainy career before his sister got sick, and then dropped everything to take care of her, nurse her, and run the library for her, out of a sense of family obligation. He notices Novalee hanging around the Walmart (a detail no one else observes) and then when he hears her screaming one night, jumps through a plate-glass window to deliver her child, for which he expects no gratitude. Forney spends years being there for her, helping her take care of her kid, and slowly getting to know her. He’s still somewhat blunt and purposeful, but eventually manages to confess that he loves her, after they kiss and make love, and then is disappointed when she doesn’t feel the same. He only returns to college after his sister passes away and is no longer his responsibility, but then returns home to marry Novalee and have a quiet life in a small town. When he doesn’t want her to change cities and jobs, he looks for somewhere she can work closer to home (like at the hospital).

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/sx

Forney seems driven by duty – he was on a fast track to a good career, and a smart young man, who quit studying and dropped out of school to take care of his sister out of a sense of family obligation. He has a quick temper, but also a kind heart. Even though he doesn’t want to stick around and babysit his sister, he still does it. And he extends the same kind acts of service to Novalee – being there for her and her kid, being part of their lives, and acting like a dad where necessary; delivering her child, taking her tree-shopping, and being supportive, until he finally works up the courage to admit to his feelings. Though considered an oddball by everyone, he’s genuinely helpful to almost everyone… most especially, the girl he loves. He winds up doing a lot of thankless care-taking for his sister, too, including making meals, doing the dishes, etc. And tho it exhausts him, he never complains.