Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Novalee is a quiet and sensitive girl, who manages to deal with most of her pain and suffering on her own. She doesn’t open up easily to people, confide in them, or ask them for emotional support. Instead, she deals with everything inwardly and can’t express to Forney how she feels, because it doesn’t seem right, or authentic to her true self – she loves him, but she doesn’t know it yet, since she hasn’t had time to fully process what his absence would mean for her life. She listens patiently to her friends be upset and never tries to give them advice, just holds their hand in support. Novalee runs off as a teenager with a boy without any real plans, other than a dream about a nice life somewhere else. She quickly adapts to her environment and makes use of Walmart after being left in the parking lot – figuring out how to break into things and use them then put them back the next day, just as she found them. Novalee is quick to learn how to take care of herself, even if it requires being innovative and “stealing” (she feels bad about that), but she can also be naïve, too trusting, and not suspect people of bad intentions, such as when she lets her mama walk out with $500, in the assumption she will come back for her (she never does). Novalee has a fear of the number 5, but it’s for  good reason – bad things always happen around that number, including her daughter being kidnapped, her discovering what happened to her boyfriend, etc. She can be somewhat blunt when pushed, flat out telling Forney that she doesn’t love him back, “not in that way,” though she tries not to offend people.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sx

Novalee remains surprisingly calm despite being abandoned by her boyfriend without any money in the middle of a Walmart parking lot. She goes on to quietly, politely occupy as little space as she can, not wanting to correct or interrupt people who talk to her, being scared of Forney the first time they meet because he’s rude and abrupt, and assuming she’ll get into trouble for having hid out in the Walmart. She is rather forgiving, tolerant, and accepting of everyone, and encourages her friends whenever they feel down without criticizing them, but also isn’t aware of her own wishes and needs sometimes. She loves Forney more than she realizes, and has to lose him before she finds the courage to admit to her feelings. She has numbed herself out, rather than take another risk and get hurt. Novalee admits she can be foolish at times, having unprotected sex with a man even after getting pregnant doing the same thing, but also doesn’t want to be a bad person. She’s fearful of approaching the “Sister” with her tree, because it’s turning brown and she doesn’t want to be judged for having taken poor care of it. She keeps a careful list of what she’s used from Walmart, and a check list, so she can pay it back someday.