Annie is one of the most opportunistic and short-sighted people in the world. She almost never thinks about the consequences of whatever she is doing in the moment, causing her and her friends and sister no end of grief in the process. She wants to rob a store, and then gets into drug dealing and counterfeit money. She sleeps with her ex on a whim and embarks on an affair with him, until she finds out his wife is trying to get pregnant. THAT bothers her, where robbing people doesn’t. At one point, on a smuggling mission to Canada, she syncs her phone with a stolen car, forcing them to have to sink it to sever the connection and avoid the police tracking it back to her. Annie also robs stores without having any idea of what she intends to do with the goods, and just assumes her drug buddy at the convenience store can sell them for her. She is oblivious to the fact that her tramp stamp has led her manager to know who robbed the store, and considers paying him off with sex. Annie has a fluid moral system; she doesn’t mind robbing people, stealing from the police, etc., but she will not unplug a machine to sabotage evidence because there are rape kits in it. She doesn’t mind cheating with her ex until she finds out his wife is pregnant, and then that makes him scum and her feel bad. She seriously talks about and plans to shoot the man who tried to rape her and is blackmailing her in cold blood, but then feels so bad about his grandma missing him that she goes out of her way to help her.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Annie is wildly optimistic and severely irresponsible. She always goes after what she wants unapologetically, and then someone gets hurt, so she feels bad about it – after the fact. She first comes up with the idea of robbing a grocery store, and convinces her friends to go along with it. She tries to argue her way out of responsibility and turn everything into a joke, even serious matters in which she could go to prison. She doesn’t like to admit to her flaws or think about them much and gives others the benefit of the doubt, insisting that they had good reasons for whatever they did. She will be reckless and hedonistic, and then feel anxious about it when it might land her in prison. She relies heavily on her friends to bail her out of bad situations, and sometimes reacts out of fear defensively.