Beth has been the perfect wife for a long time—staying home, looking after all the kids, keeping them hyper organized, crafting baby blankets for them, and fulfilling what she sees as her obligation to her family. And then she winds up in the middle of a mess when she decides to help rob a local grocery store and has a mob boss knock on her door, demanding back his recycled cash. Beth then identifies what she wants—to make easy money on the “down low.” She starts looking out for herself, but still frames everything in terms of togetherness and even through morals. She argues that you can’t “cap” just anyone, she can’t shoot the man threatening her husband, she has guilt over hiding a dead body, and she gives Ruby the cold shoulder for doing what’s right for her family and not being loyal to her friends. Beth can talk her way out of most bad situations. She makes a lot of emotional decisions without thinking them through; she rarely considers the impact of her decisions, although at times she will be more sensible than her sister and urge her to see the big picture. Beth quickly gets a sense of certain situations and envisions a future life for herself of wealth and easy money, including being “out of the business” in six months. But most of the time, Beth loops severely into Se recklessness and hedonism. The more she gets involved in bad situations that involve risk, the more she craves them. She money launders, one-ups her mob boss on several occasions without thinking about the repercussions (she gets robbed, and her husband shot, as a result), sinks a car into a lake, smashes another one into the wall to set off the airbags and even has sex with her mob boss in the bathroom at a restaurant while her husband waits in the next room. Beth is opportunistic to a dangerous degree; sometimes this goes in her favor, such as when she pretends to be a manager inspecting store receipts, or backfire, like whenever she makes a knee-jerk decision.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sp

Beth has spent most of her adult life caring for other people and doing whatever they wanted, including being the perfect super-organized, stay at home mom with the minivan and the tendency to make her kids lunch every day. She is angry at her husband for cheating on her, but then welcomes him back into the house she assumes he has cancer, out of a desire to be there for him and care for him. This leads to her accepting him back into her life, and going out of her way to support him, until she identifies him as too weak to run his car company and takes over so she can traffic pills. When others denounce her role in their lives, she asserts it confidently, sometimes over-inflating her own importance as an intimidation tactic (without me, none of this would exist). Her 3 wing is adaptive and ambitious, skilled at becoming whatever she needs to be to exploit a situation. The more she does this, the more she loves it. She is arrogant much of the time in assuming everything will turn out well and that she can succeed at whatever she turns her mind to. Once she has a taste of business, she doesn’t want to go back to being a stay-home mom.